American universities seek Spanish talent

Without good guidance and a helping hand, talent can get lost along the way.

American universities seek Spanish talent

Without good guidance and a helping hand, talent can get lost along the way. This is what companies like Sports Unlimited (SU) try to avoid, in charge of uniting young athletes with a lot of potential with American universities that can provide them with the necessary infrastructure to develop their sports career without obstacles and without forgetting the educational component.

In the ten years of the company, close to a thousand young people have already lived the experience of being able to improve their sport while continuing with their regulated studies. And Sports Unlimited continues in this work with the organization of a live event this coming June in Majadahonda.

Coaches from various American universities will come to the Ciudad Deportiva del Atlético de Madrid on June 18 and 19 to observe the candidates who are going to show off their skills on the ball.

Some of the athletes who will opt for the study and sports scholarship granted by each institution and with the advice of Sports Unlimited will come out of this first test.

“Coaches look for certain positions. And the kids sign up for the activity. Depending on how they see their talent and also with the grades of the studies, they can offer these scholarships depending on the budget that each one has", indicates for ABC Óscar Rubio, head of 'scouting' of Sports Unlimited, who emphasizes that the Spanish talent It is highly demanded in the United States, since, although the level is growing, it is still below.

The ages are between 16 and 21 years old, so there are kids who will get a scholarship when they start their university studies and others can choose when they have already started. But not everything is sport. "The higher the level of education and the more talent, the less families have to contribute," explains Rubio, who accompanies the parents in the process from the moment they are offered the scholarship until the boy arrives in the United States and during his stay. .

This selection is made by sending videos of the candidates, although in this case it will be face-to-face, so, although registration is open, there will be a pre-selection to limit the live study to 50 applicants. "But all those who apply will be observed, if not in this call, then in others," adds Rubio, who also highlights that part of the registration money will go to the Spanish Foundation for the Promotion of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research ( FUNDELA).