Almost all of the back wave

captain Bengt Viknander has an impressive Köpfler from the Deck of the MS Juno in the göta canal, hung, climbs back on Board, shaking water from the hair and sa

Almost all of the back wave

captain Bengt Viknander has an impressive Köpfler from the Deck of the MS Juno in the göta canal, hung, climbs back on Board, shaking water from the hair and says: "Wonderful, this is Cool." The captain has earned the refreshment. With only five nodes, nine kilometers per hour, chugging the oldest passenger ship in the world, cross through the Swedish summer landscape. A total of 58 locks require Maritime mass, work and force to the patient, because more than 90 meters difference in altitude must be overcome.

The MS Juno, she seems like a two-storey shell of the Nut, has 29, tiny cabins, in which up to 60 passengers in four days by a little more than 600-Kilometer-long waterway let sail. The göta canal, Sweden's Blue ribbon, connecting the two largest cities in the country: Stockholm and Gothenburg. But strictly speaking only 190 kilometers from the heart of the track, the Rest is from the sea, rivers and lakes.

The MS Juno, 31 meters long, nearly 7 metres wide and 2.7 metres deep, was, in 1874, built the göta canal. Narrow the 187-year-old channel to the MS Juno, by fits, almost. Twice in eight stages, has the most impressive lock staircase at Berg – a lot of work and patience when you are chugging at a slower pace then. The highest concentration for the captain, lock Keeper and Sailors, better Matrosinnen – all are women.

still, we have admired an early riser with a coffee in Hand in the morning to the dramatic sunset and the hazy atmosphere above the water. And the Matrosinnen nimble jump to Land. Loop the Stern line nimble to the bollard. A little ballet with both arms, to show the captain up high in the wheelhouse the distance: ten, five, two, one centimeter. Stop! A lot of space is never, and it is quite possible that the boat with a roar scars against the embankment. Because if in hot summers, only 20 inches of water under the keel, it will be tight. The sheep on the shore don't let this impress you, to view just short.

On Björk, a Viking takes the guests

The lock Keeper, which runs from may to September, with the car along the channel shore, is well underway, to deliver to the captain at the next river bend, the electronic lock data. The wooden Fender, the dangle for the protection of the Board wall, to withstand quite a lot. A break will quickly carved a new Fender along. Also, the Matrosinnen can. Some of the young Swedish student, and glad to have the summer job as a sailor is. Marlen about who wants to be an architect, or Karoline, who is studying in the fourth year of tourism. Lisa wants to be one day captain of profession: "After this trip, I have to study at the University neat theory," she says.

cobwebs Shine in the morning light, the "team" is on early and hunt the crawling critters or folding Cover for the chair in the open-air salon on the upper deck. There, in the comfortable rattan chairs, the passengers most of the time. You let the world go by. The people on Land waving to us we waved back. It is a colorful nation, which has found in the vehicle in: Sweden, German and a few Swiss – all with a Maritime experience that you share so much and continue to give. Martha, the only American among the passengers, decides friendly, but determined: "No politics, please!"

The historical MS Juno departs on their way through a lock. Photo: Getty

It is the last trip of the season: yellow-brown, harvested grain fields, the Nordic landscape, an Idyll of farms with horses, mixed forests of oaks, poplars, birch and Rowan, is passing slowly. The small, rust-red-painted houses remind one of bullerby. We pass from the Hand-operated locks, including the oldest lock velvet impressive iron bridge from 1913.

Us waving to honor the family choose Kindbom with Flowers, and the force sings full songs in the name of the Lord. Colorful pond roses charm at narrow Points of the channel. The smallest ferry in Sweden, museums, monasteries, fortresses and churches provide variety as well as cultural enjoyment. And a pair of healthy foot marches are also on the program, as long as you desire to movement.

In the Viking town of Birka on the island of Björk, the first city in Sweden, we are welcomed by a real Viking, and to the Museum accompanied. We come up quite a sweat! We never would have thought that it could be in Sweden in late summer so hot. The Schwumm in the refreshing Wet, no one can escape.

reindeer Stew, crabs and fish to satisfy the Hunger

So much Action makes you hungry! Below Deck, the food is prepared and with a Hand-gekurbelten Elevator in the dining saloon pulled up. A tremendously steep staircase leads to the Salon, the charm of the 19th century. Century makes. We devour what's on offer in the North: reindeer Stew, crabs and fish in all variations. What a treat! The berries taste like fresh forest picked. For caviar, we treat ourselves to a rigid grain. The thin coffee and pastries, the lifeblood of Sweden, is ready as if by magic, day and night.

And then, in the bunks! The cabins with narrow and double-Decker beds, a small wardrobe and a sink are tiny, but practical. Showers and toilet are on the corridor.

Early in the Morning we sail slowly through the Swedish archipelago in the Baltic sea. Each of Sweden, his island, you think. The mighty Baroque Drottningholm Palace, the main residence of the Swedish Royal family, past slides – we wave, but this time no one waves back.

The trip was supported by Glur Reisen

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