So user-friendly Office should be

At first glance, the new Office App is nothing more than old wine in new bottles: it opens and edits Word, Excel and Powerpoint files – as well as the mobile A

So user-friendly Office should be

At first glance, the new Office App is nothing more than old wine in new bottles: it opens and edits Word, Excel and Powerpoint files – as well as the mobile Apps possible that there are also soon for twenty years. A brief look at the history: Microsoft has introduced Office Mobile in April 2000, then for the Handheld Windows CE operating system. 2010 variants for the iPhone were added in 2013 for Android.

that's not What's new in this App, but the How. Microsoft has tailored the Office App specially designed for Smartphones . It gives you for the iPhone and Android phones, but not for the iPad. If you load Office on the Tablet, you will be asked politely, but please, the Apps came to change.

The new App, which had, according to Windows expert Mary Jo Foley during the development of the Code-name "Union", should be easy to come weighty, therefore, Less complex and extensive than the usual Office Apps, with special consideration of the needs of mobile users. Microsoft has built into the App also functions out of Office Lens: This is to digitize an App for Windows, Android and the iPhone, with the help of document capture easy, and in Word - or Powerpoint-files transfer can.

Swiss army knife for business documents

Created is a kind of Swiss army knife for business documents: You can create new files to blank or from templates and from existing paper documents to convert. It is also possible to convert files to scan QR Codes and PDF provide documents with a signature.

in Addition, Microsoft has built a simple method that documents with other devices, without the need to use Microsoft's Online file storage system Onedrive. Nevertheless, Onedrive is built-in, of course, also in this App, and a Central component: You can use the App without the Cloud connection, but very comfortable it is not.

The Video introduces the main functions: documents or via the camera from the existing paper templates, scan to PDF, annotate and sign the files without the Cloud to transfer and edit.

Not original, but useful

And we give a conclusion: Even if the idea is not very original, to invent the Office for the Smartphone, almost at once, so Microsoft has solved the task well: It is extremely with this App is easy to spin a document only once to the Impure, to give him behind on the Desktop PC, the fine-tuning. Or revise conversely, existing documents on the go. The digitization facilities are practical and have worked in our Test, with Excel tables quite well.

in other words: Microsoft is taking great pains that its office software remains in the mobile era relevant. This is also necessary Because, as in the contribution of These Text Apps Word look old, there is strong competition; and Google Docs (especially with these tips here) a popular Alternative. This new App is certainly an Argument to keep the traditional Software the rod.

promises Soon with the dictation function

And Microsoft, the App continuously develop. Soon to be a dictation to be added.

Microsoft Office for iPhone and Android available. The App is free, but to use all of the Features requires an Office 365 subscription.

you can also find them in earlier Videos, tips Microsoft Office: Here Office in 2019. The post How before reveals explains protect of files and pictures on how to remove unwanted meta data. And the Video of This Office Trick you should know! introduces the diverse expansion options.

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