The city by the sea

First, to see whether the strange figures, the drive around in the city, are just a drunk crash or a stick to perform sober, a theatre of the absurd. Only on se

The city by the sea

First, to see whether the strange figures, the drive around in the city, are just a drunk crash or a stick to perform sober, a theatre of the absurd. Only on second glance they turn out to be Roman legionaries. Beer saved babbling, lounging on the stairs in front of the St. Ursenkathedrale and try with little success, to wrap each other, the leather straps of your sandals to the bare calves.

Whether drunk or sober: they are fallen out of time. Because 2000 years ago there was here, of course, no Cathedral. Not even a chapel. It is a bridge head, the Emperor Tiberius, around twenty years after the birth of Christ was and is today very Solothurn celebrating through the anniversary year, tumbling to build. At that time, the Swiss metropolis of Aventicum (today Avenches), and the legionary camp Vindonissa (Windisch) should be connected by a military road; halfway, the Romans built a bridge over the Aare: Solodurum.

The house of God was only created a Quarter of a Millennium: in 1762, the Ticino Builder Gaetano Pisoni in the heart of the city, laid the Foundation stone for the magnificent neoclassical building, and Antonio Pisoni fully the work of his uncle and ended – after a construction period of exactly eleven years.

The Holy Elf

"The number eleven is sacred to us", says Hans jörg Boll, of the as town clerk in the anniversary OK and now in the "Öufi"-pickling in the "Öufi"brewery sits, which was established on 11.11.2000. At the bottom of the old town, the Chesslete rages on, as the Solothurner call her Carnival kick-off, and Boll ordered a rod "the southern foot", the most flavorful of the eleven "Öufi"-Beers. No one knows where the myth come with the Elf, he continues, but s'"Öufi" meet one everywhere. Eleven guilds, eleven members of the first city Council, eleven hours on the "Solothurn at", the game with eleven bells exposed, the Solothurn song into.

Impressively, the architects Pisoni have implemented the Holy Eleven in the Cathedral – here, too, eleven bells in the tower, the sculptures of eleven saints adorn the facade, eleven doors lead into the Interior, where you can all of the eleven altars at the same time recognize when it is on the eleventh floor slab in the nave, and who looks up, recognizes eleven stars, crowning the head of the virgin.

the dome of The Cathedral extends six times eleven meters high above the town, immediately below, a panoramic terrace offers a panoramic view far across the Mittelland to the Bernese high Alps. With a little luck, you met up here, the most famous Solothurn redhead. "I love this view," beams SRF-weather girl Sandra Boner. "Instead of from the roof of the television studios should be broadcasting our "Meteo"-broadcast from here, where the sea, the Old town exudes a touch of Mediterranean lightness. Even the seagulls that circle to greet me at the top accordingly make it clear what has known each Solothurn has always been: Solothurn is actually on the sea!"

You have the obligation, open to the world and plays to be warm

in order for you not only on the "Näbumeer", the climate change caused "to see, unfortunately, increasingly rare" is, but on Franco Supino, a Solothurn author with Neapolitan roots, which is in his anthology, "Solothurn on the sea" more as a literary Declaration of love. "It is a Commitment: As a solo Thurner, you have a duty, open-minded and warm-hearted to – Mediterranean-for!"

city clerk Hans jörg Boll. Photo: Michele Limina

in addition to the Roman Emperor Tiberius, whose bridge has laid 2000 years ago, the Foundation stone, there is a second Mediterranean Emperor, the solo has a written history of Solothurn – not because he founded the city, but has bruised. At least then the host sees it that way. The speech is Bonaparte, the Corsican Napoleon, who in 1797 – 35 years after the inauguration of the Ursenkathedrale – on who had come through the trip to the Rastatt Congress on Tiberius’ bridge to Solothurn.

the fault of The French

Previously, he had been in Bern, a cooler receiving all the preparation and the in-field wells in his Carriage a wheel is broken: Napoleon got pissed. He had only a glass of water-rich, paid with a gold coin and moved on. The host had made the statement, so to speak, without the Emperor – it is exactly 2582 Louis d'or for "elaborate preparations, the meals of the accompanying entourage, and the replacement of the horses". It still hangs today golden framed in the Foyer of the La Couronne, as the second oldest Hotel in Switzerland today means. "The French are the amount of course, still guilty of as well," says Murat Baki, leads for half a year, the newly renovated four-star hotel.

Immediately next to the Hotel is the famous three times eleven steps lead to the Cathedral, where the Roman legionaries from the carnival and bustle recover. You see today is just like old Roman, smiling at the centurion. "But in reality we are Hawaiians!"


"Our carnival will take place from 13. January until ash Wednesday. In this time, the city President is deposed, and the Honolulu Guild takes over the city. From Solothurn Honolulu is."

Why Honolulu?

"Because the carnival Soledurn on the head, and down there, on the other hand, there is somewhere – just Honolulu."


So the foolish successor of the Roman legionaries to strike an arc from the jubilee to the Chesslete. Who can not only count to ten, recognizes – correctly: There are eleven!

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