Mini's chasing the Trend

Mini is predestined for e-mobility. The brand is young, hip and urban, their little runabouts are ideal for shorter distances. Mini could be a Trendsetter, a t

Mini's chasing the Trend

Mini is predestined for e-mobility. The brand is young, hip and urban, their little runabouts are ideal for shorter distances. Mini could be a Trendsetter, a trailblazer. But this Chance has been missed Mini. Although in 2008, a purely electric-powered Minis rolled for experimental purposes, already on the streets. And of course there is since two years a series model for plugging in, a Plug-in Hybrid Version of the largest model, the Countryman. However, when Mini launched from the beginning of March the all-electric three-door hatchback by the name of Cooper SE, lag behind the British already. The role of the hip pioneer had to leave the other.

Pleasing short charging times

"of Urban mobility with all-electric drive is now also in the typical style of the Mini experience", glad press spokesman Andreas Lampka attracted to the presentation in Miami. He loses no word on why it took so long – finally, there is the BMW i3, the E-Mini takes over the drive technology, for three years. Even for six, if you count the first Generation with a weaker battery to do this. For Mini about the venue goes on the Offensive: The "consistently resource-saving Event-design" make it possible for thanks to Compensation payments for the benefit of climate protection projects to reduce the environmental footprint to zero. Why you had to put the journalists and the vehicles across the pond to Miami, is not answered conclusively. "There is the possibility of the test car to provide a fleet exclusively with electricity from renewable sources." As this would not have been in Munich is possible. And the question of why the journalists in the USA, meat from Uruguay and mineral water from the United Kingdom was put before the answering twitch of a brand representative with a shoulder.

Seis drum. Mini is now so electrically. And did not like the product, even if the technical data of people with petrol tear in the blood straight from the stool. The Cooper SE drives with a battery charge to a maximum of 270 miles, determined in accordance with the new WLTP test procedure, however, on the old driving cycle NEDC is calculated. In reality, it will be significantly less after the first test drive in Miami, about 200 km appear to be realistic. For most of the rides that will be enough, especially because the Loading proceeds fix: quick load column with 50?kW DC load 80 percent of the reach in 35 minutes, as to the domestic Wallbox, with a 7.4 kW AC power a full charge takes a little more than 4 hours. For urban use, the Mini Cooper SE, is well armed for a long-range Champion, he is not sure.

Slightly futuristic Touch

the Briton has other qualities: His much acclaimed sporty driving behavior in the Current version application. The E-Mini's buzzing nimble and quiet as a whisper through the city centre, accelerated thanks to the from the state available torque of 270 Nm, and is due in the middle of the vehicle floor housed the batteries very well balanced on the road. The load volume 211 up to a maximum of 731 liters remains the same compared to the Version with a combustion engine. The energy recovery when roles can be set in two stages, wherein the increased level is delayed as much, as you know it from other E-cars. The digital instrument cluster in the Form of a free-standing colour screen behind the steering Wheel, as well as yellow accents on the outside to give the Cooper a slightly futuristic Touch, without a hint of exaggeration – this is the little car well.

It took a surprisingly long, up Mini, has taken a bold step in the electric mobility, but the BMW subsidiary is doing well with the right product. Finally, you don't buy a Mini as a long-distance car, and to whom the Performance is not enough, the brand has plenty of opportunities to choose a sportier vehicle. But not electrically.

But the Mini for driving fun, a zest for Life and an urban Lifestyle that embodies the new Cooper SE, like no other model. And, as always with Mini, its price: a minimum of 39'900 Swiss francs will be charged.

Dave Schneider drove the new Cooper SE, at the invitation of Mini-Switzerland in Miami.

Created: 29.01.2020, 17:29 PM

Updated Date: 02 March 2020, 17:02

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