Migros provides for agitation of the culture

450 000 Swiss francs for three theatre and dance groups, well - 180'000 francs for the young drama students, around 200'000 Swiss francs for Instrumental musi

Migros provides for agitation of the culture

450 000 Swiss francs for three theatre and dance groups, well - 180'000 francs for the young drama students, around 200'000 Swiss francs for Instrumental musicians: Such communications sent to the Migros in recent years, almost every month. And all the people rejoiced: and The artists about the you often essential to the survival Boon and Migros, which could show up as a generous supporter. But since a few months everything is different.

1. What happened?

In the Winter of 2018, the castle of the Migros Cooperative Federation (MGB), in the Vaud country, an artist-in-residence, he has, since 1994, operation. The was a lack of understanding among cultural workers. On Facebook, there was even a Shitstorm. At the time of the closure of the Migros made public that they had already launched in the spring of 2017, a strategy review and "all the cultural activities of the Directorate of culture and social Affairs, MGB systematically questioned". The concern that the Migros rebuilt their culture to promote radical and your money for the fine arts in the future to Marketing invested aroused. Not least because the Migros initiated in January 2018 with a "Fast Forward" a reorganization project in order to increase the profit that was considered to be too low. And because the Migros did not want to say almost a year and a half long, or could be, how you want your culture to promote re-align. A media to give notice of the beginning of February, the information would have, is largely incomprehensible. According to research by this newspaper shows what projects, Migros completed.

Will be continued: the Migros Museum of contemporary art, Pipilotti Rists Installation "Show a Leg" in September 2018 (photo: Ennio Leanza/ Keystone)

2. What does it matter to me as a Migros customer?

The Migros is investing one percent of their turnover in cultural and social Affairs. So from your purchases. The so-called culture percentage was enshrined in 1957 and of the Gottlieb Duttweiler in the articles of Association. In addition to its own brands, which are for the most part self-produced, is the culture percentage in order for the second unique characteristic is that Migros is different from your competitors Aldi, Lidl and Coop. Since the anchoring of the culture percentage in the articles of Association, Migros has invested 4.7 billion in cultural and social Affairs. Alone in 2018, there were 120 million went to cultural and social projects.

3. Where does the money go?

most of The money flows in the club schools: in 2018, there were 52 percent of the budget, or a total of around 62 million Swiss francs. The culture in the narrower sense only 30 million francs, which is slightly more than 25 percent of all culture is equivalent to percent of money. They are invested by the ten regional cooperatives and the Directorate of cultural and social Affairs of the MGB in culture, for example, into the Migros Museum für gegenwartskunst in Zurich, the pop festival M4Music, the dance festival Steps and the concert series Migros-kulturprozent-Classics.

With the talent competitions you stop with the dance festival Steps, Migros continues: "Minus 16" by Ohad Naharin, in the context of Steps (photo: Eddy Risch, Keystone)

4. And with all of the Migros stop now?

no, the regional cooperatives can continue to have their culture funds. And the four big projects of the Directorate of culture and social Affairs – the Museum, the two Festivals and classical concerts – will be continued. The Directorate, however, want to finish several projects – and their funds re-invest. Thus, the Migros stops after fifty years with their talent competitions, it was in almost all the genera, and The winners of these competitions received 14'400 francs, with which they could Finance a year of her studies in acting.

Therefore, the Migros stops:
In the fourth floor of the Migros seat on the Limmat square, the Theater is located in the high-rise building – will be closed at the end of June (photo: Christian Beutler/ Keystone).

talent competitions : Since 1969, Migros culture percentage carried out every year, competitions for students. The winners received a study award in the amount of 14 400 francs, so a scholarship for their education. Recently, these rates of movement theatre, drama, dance, classical singing and instrumental music. In addition, a chamber music competition carried out: in addition to the price of 10 000 Swiss francs for the cultural percent took over two-thirds of the fees of the winning ensemble for three years; in addition, an audience prize was awarded in the amount of 3000 francs. Total invested Migros culture percentage, around 700 000 Swiss francs per year. The competitions are set to end in 2022.

Prairie : a total of 450'000 Swiss francs have been since 2011, three theatre and dance companies during the three years with 50'000 Swiss francs annually to support. Prairie is set to mid-2021.

theatre building : The small stage in the Migros on Limmatplatz showed since 1984, new productions. Last performance in June 2020. Annual expense of approximately 150'000 Swiss francs.

collaboration small's theatre : The culture percentage assumed since 1995, the evening of fees of artists, the programming for small theaters were too risky. Were taken into account, 20 to 25 theatre every year 4000 to 4500 Swiss francs. Total expenses per year: approximately 100'000 Swiss francs. Is set to the end of 2020.

Try outs for kids - and youth theatre : Migros has supported since 2007, the theatre, showing productions for children and young people from other regions of Switzerland. Effort a year for approximately 100'000 Swiss francs. Is set to the end of 2020.

Watch & Talk : call format to the Swiss theatre festivals. Were invited to participate, since 2010, artists and curators from all over the world for exchange and networking. Will be carried out in 2020 for the last time. Effort a year for about 80'000 Swiss francs.

L'arc in Romainmôtier : Since 1998, artists were able to work for a maximum of one month in residence in the Canton of Vaud on your projects. The Arc was closed at the end of 2018. Expense annually of approximately 200 000 francs.

Concert Agency : concert organisers have been supported since 1986, when singers and musicians dedicated who had twice received a study award from the Migros. Is set to the end of 2022.

Premio : young talent award for dance and theatre and was co-founded in 2000 by the culture percentage. At the end of 2020, Migros is the business line, is involved, but more financially. In total, there were 135 000 francs, Migros invested last together with Pro Helvetia and the Ernst-Göhner-Foundation's Premio. (atob)

5. What this means for the young artists?

members of the colleges of art show shocked, a Professor speaks of a "blow". In the official opinions of the universities, diplomatic, type: "The exchange of people - to project funding, a loss of sustainability mean for a gain in diversity," writes the Zurich University of the arts. The ZHdK is optimistic that there are no gaps in the scholarship to emerge. The Bern University of the arts leads discussions on new formats of a young actors think. And the Ticino, Accademia Teatro Dimitri, in the last ten years, around forty students a Migros scholarship have received, "try to find solutions for and with our students." It won't be easy, there are only a few private foundations that promote the so-called movement theater, which teaches the Dimitri school.

Is facing difficult times: Dimitris theatre school in Verscio, here is a Student in the masquerade Studio. (Photo: Gaetan Bally/ Keystone)

6. Can't make the Migros on what she wants?

Actually, it does, but Migros has for decades, intensive working relationships with state culture maintained conveyors. Thus, responsibilities have arisen in relation to the state and its institutions. This Migros wants to remain "a reliable Partner" (read here the Interview with the Migros-culture-Head Hedy Graber). The information received about the Federal office for culture in advance, correspond to the BAK – "the information in the media release". But is very vague when it comes to the future, Migros-promotion.

7. Where to invest the Migros the money saved?

Instead of many support vessels, and in single disciplines, such as theatre, Film, and music to promote the Migros across divisions and in only two areas of investing: in the "Ideation" - that is, in everything it takes to make a project ready for production. And to bring in the "Diffusion" - that is, in measures, to the art – for example, a theater project – the people. The specific project that prepared the "Ideation", to be funded by state funds.

8. This is a good strategy?

An assessment will only be possible, if it is clear which ideas and projects, Migros promotes actually new. And whether the government can promote the developed ideas and concepts (). Currently it is only clear what the Migros stop. And this list is surprisingly long. Is raised last, the question is why Migros is how long it takes to get your promotion to realign – and why it takes so much anger, concern and uncertainty in the purchase.

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