The Logitech Hyper-boom in the Test

Disruption – so the ability to make established technologies and companies a leg and to make superfluous – some. The Prime example is the iPhone. It has to our

The Logitech Hyper-boom in the Test

Disruption – so the ability to make established technologies and companies a leg and to make superfluous – some. The Prime example is the iPhone. It has to our everyday life and corporate hierarchies thrown on the pile.

A much smaller example of Disruption meets me every Time in the Tamedia canteen. As it would have in the ceiling is actually a built-in speaker system. The music, however, comes from a small UE-Boom-speakers between the soup pots and salad buffet.

Small and convenient

The little speaker is simply more convenient than the big plant. Quickly the Box set up, with the phone and it is ready. A friendly landlady has chosen her Restaurant for years for a Bluetooth speaker from Logitech .

Logitech has not escaped such developments, of course. As a party speaker advertised Boom-boxes are for more than parties and children's room (Of Wonderboom in children-Test). Yes, often you would not be moved, then don't.

How a air humidifier

Like any sensible company has thought about also, Logitech, how to make the customers even more happy, and more money can earn: Et voilà, the Hyper boom for 450 francs.

The new Box looks like a humidifier, and weighs in at an impressive six pounds. The colour of the Box (for the time being) available only in Black. The Exterior is discrete, as in the case of the often colorful speakers of the company.

You should be able to set the Hyper-boom, finally in the living room in the corner, and in a shop he should not stand out unnecessarily. Portable he is by the way anyway. On the back it has a Handle, you can take him to the delight of the neighborhood on the balcony.

The Box is so robust that more of a door frame, as this can damage the Box, if you are elated on the way to the balcony.

More than enough

we Come to the sound. Which of course is highly subjective. Not you can explain away the fact that the Box can be loud. Very loud. Large living room or an office (not a large office space) should be no Problem.

Acoustically the Box like with the default settings. One of the features of the App gets access to a variety of settings and customization options.

The Great thing about the Boom speakers is that you can do without Apps and installations. Turn on Bluetooth, connect and off you go. So, too, in the Hyper-boom. With four buttons you can choose between two Bluetooth devices, an optical audio cable and a normal Jack cable.

Multi-Room via Bluetooth

if you Installed the App, it has another advantage: anyone Who has a different Boom speakers, you can pair the with the Hyper boom. So as far as the Bluetooth-join range – a Multi-Room System. In the Test, rang out in the kitchen, living room and bedroom the same music.

Speaking of Multi-Room: This is the opportunity to talk about the competition. So comfortable, the Boom speakers are also in the price category of the Hyper-boom good Alternatives that offer without the limitations of Bluetooth also more functions cavort. The best known are the Sonos speakers or the numerous Airplay speaker, designed to blend in with Apple products.

Since last year, Ikea mixes (along with Sonos) this market strong (The Symfonisk in the Test). The recommend values Symfonisk speaker costs just 130 francs. Say, for the price of a Hyper boom, you get 3 Symfonisk.

a Remarkable spatial sound

Whether you prefer a large Box or several smaller, is a matter of taste. Well they all sound. Acoustic Snobs will, of course, complain that the radio (and Bluetooth is connected, in Particular) with losses. I've noticed in everyday life never a little or missing.

on The contrary: it is Precisely with the Hyper boom is it happened to me several times that I wasn't sure if now really only runs a speaker and whether or not but also from a speaker other music. Just in terms of sound-space, is the development of the last years is quite remarkable.

The battery promises to Logitech 24 hours endurance. Even I was not able to test this conclusively. Currently, the speaker is still at 80% and I haven't heard in a while, music and children's radio plays about it.

another Trick: to ask Logitech speakers, the battery level, press the Plus and the Minus key at the same time.

conclusion: Who has always wanted a UE Boom with – well, er – more the Boom will have on the Hyper boom a lot of joy. If you just want a portable speaker, it will be with a smaller Logitech-speaker more than satisfied. Who wants to bedudeln a living room or even a whole apartment, you should definitely check out the competition.

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