The magic of the blue hour

Today is the big day. The two mountain guides have been able to persuade the caretaker. In a separate room, he has provided Breakfast to five o'clock in the Mo

The magic of the blue hour

Today is the big day. The two mountain guides have been able to persuade the caretaker. In a separate room, he has provided Breakfast to five o'clock in the Morning. Now the group stands in front of the hut, and the skins under the skis glued, the glacier strap is tightened, the ropes and crampons in the backpack, the pimples buckled up. The forehead lamp will be re-stowed. From the East, the morning sky brightens. The delicate Yellow and Reds of the dawn mixed with the artificial light from the Windows of the hut, which now is awakened to life.

Undlos to do it. Through the long-drawn valley of the glacier forefield and the Alpeiner Ferner contrary. Soon, the snow lights rays-capped peaks in the reflected light of the first sun. This is the magic of the blue hour, the early morning spell on spring tours in the high Alpine mountain world.

plate service, and drinking water à discretion

six of us we had ascended the day before, with the mountain guides to the Franz-Senn-hut – with 170 seats, one of the largest huts of the Austrian Alpine club. A luxury Lodge, it is advertising with a shower and Wi-Fi. For dinner we had asparagus risotto with plate service and drinking water à discretion,

The first Day of our tour the best weather of the week and good snow conditions, offer Andi Stadler had explained, one of the mountain guides. "The want to be exploited." He and Alexander Pohl have concocted a Route that combines almost everything that the Region has to mountaineering challenges.

A third Time it applies to a with Zack sling on the Rock secured fixed ropes to abseil.

"It is a bold Tour," says Andi. "Normally, I would not start a tour week. But we can abbreviate again and again." An ascent of 1800 metres in altitude, the maximum variant, a simple ridge with two Transitions, the pre-set safety Rope and into new terrain, the chambers of lead, including would be.

On your big day, the group moves swiftly forward. After a first steep section, you reach the Alpeiner Ferner, and behind the two Glaciers of the ridge will soon be in sight. Steep he stands against the horizon. As soon as one comes nearer, it is as well accessible. The skis are taken tied to the ski pole and pimples on Hand. Then it is mostly in good snow high Occurs below the summit of Traver is magnetized and according to a recent upturn, at 3474 metres above sea level, the ruderhof Spitz climbed the fourth highest peak of the Region.

Impending föhnwalze behind the main ridge

Great, the view over the Stubai Alps. You can see up to Luson Pointed. From there you can go to the sellrain valley. Further to the West of the Schrankogel is located. It provides exit options to the Amberger hut and in the South to the Stubai glacier, the largest glacier ski area in Austria. The views of the mountains is boundless. However, the comb of the dam behind the main threatening Föhnwalzen.

the Best weather and good snow conditions. Photo: Anne-Sophie Scholl

Alexander Pohl has built its anchoring in a GU and a pimple buried. It is the first proper mountaineering insert the following: The Ski strapped and secured the rope with a prussik knot, and when the load moving, slipping each over the snow covered, glaciated North flank. Another time, when the group is surprised by a small area of open ice, the mountain guide, two ice Screws. The skis are tied up, the strap on crampons attached. Then everyone is let down from the mountain guides. A third Time it applies to a with Zack sling on the Rock secured fixed ropes to abseil. It is then slipped on an improvised fuse in the snow.

image to enlarge

It's a real adventure Tour that required the Guides a lot, but also visually Fun. "Overruns in new terrain chambers bring a certain amount of Unknown with. It makes you but also interesting," says Alex. On the way, he makes sure that nobody passes you in a good mood. Exit opportunities are scheduled.

The cocktail parties, the group enjoys at the cottage the last sun terrace beams. After eleven hours on the mountain, all exhausted but happy. But how to go further, if the Highlight of the week, the powder is fired on the first day? The weather report does not Bode well: snow and "lively" hair dryer with gusts up to 80 kilometres an hour. The mountain guides propose to leave the high Alpine terrain and to relocate the base camp to the North to the sellrain valley.

Beautiful turns through the powder snow

the next day, it goes from the hut, in a small Tour on the Kräulscharte. The family-run guest house in Praxmar to 1700 meters, and booked a room Upgrade. All enjoy the rich Breakfast buffet, the Gröstel, noodles, and dumplings of all kinds and the hotel's own Sauna. On other trips, and the hair dryer does not allow a climb to the Summit. Instead, it goes through half a Meter of new snow in the spring sun quickly hard as concrete.

On the last day, the mountain guide find a North slope, where beautiful turns through powder snow. The mountains can impose no will. "We can only get the most out of them," says Andi to the financial statements.

The trip was supported by the mountain school mountain point AG, Worb,

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