Television. Which casting is available for "Les randonneuses", which will be filmed from Monday, TF1

TF1 will begin filming Les randonneuses, a new fiction, starting Monday.

Television. Which casting is available for "Les randonneuses", which will be filmed from Monday, TF1

TF1 will begin filming Les randonneuses, a new fiction, starting Monday. Six episodes will be aired in 52-minute segments. It tells the story about six women who set out to hike to the Dome de la Lauze in the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region. It's quite a challenge, especially when all six are affected by cancer in some way or another.

TF1 was a new fiction that appealed to heads not only to the general public but also to those who are more familiar with it. We are proud to present a part of the cast.

In 2009, she was discovered thanks to her portrayal of Veronique Courjault (a mother who murdered three of her infants) in the film Murderous Journey of an Ordinary Woman: The Courjault Affair by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade.

Alix Poisson has been a regular in many French TV series and films since then. In the series Les Revenants, she alternately plays the roles of Laure, a policeman on Canal, and Isa, a mother overwhelmed in Parents mode d’emploi on France 3 or a medical examiner on Candice Renoir in France 2.

For her role as Disparue in the France 2 detective series Disparue she won the prize for best female portrayal in a series. This award was presented by the international press jury at Series Mania Festival.

Clementine Celarie, well-known on the small screen, will also be appearing on the bill for Les Randonneuses. Clementine Celarie was first seen in 1980s. She was twice nominated for the Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. In the beginning, she had chosen to conceal her illness from her audience. However, she eventually revealed her condition in a book Les mots défendes released in November 2021. She spoke out with Ouest-France and said that she was shocked by the reaction of her loved ones to the news that cancer had been announced.

She is the shy, emotional instructor from Our Happy Days. Josephine de Meaux won the Alpe d'Huez comedy movie festival best actress award for her role.

She has been nominated at the Jean Carmet Festival as the best supporting actress for her role in Poupoupidou.

Camille Chamoux, a comedian, will also join the Randonneuses cast. The 44-year old actress is well-known for her roles as Clem's neighbor in TF1 and Chatalere on Canal. She also appeared in Faut pas lui dir, alongside Jenifer, and in the thriller According to the true story, directed Roman Polanski.

Camille Chamoux, in an interview with Tele-loisirs revealed that she will be playing the role of a woman during the healing process in Les Randonneuses. It's great to do comedy about cancer. She also stated that the text was extremely well written. I had a crush on it and I am super happy to be able to take part.

Claire Borotra, a lesser-known character, is featured in the saga of TF1 The blue of the sea, which features Talia Vargas, the main character.

She is a regular in several detective TV films like Crimes parfaits and Disparus.

Tiphaine Daviet is the final of the six female hikers. The young actress started in Plus belle la vie, in which she played a small part. She then appeared in R.I.S Scientific Police, and Commissioner Magellan.

In 2013, she starred in Eyjafjallajokull, her first film role. She was also seen in the film Ascension and the HP series on Canal.

Frederic Berthe directed Les randonneuses in a fictional film. Soon, TF1.