Iberdrola affirms that its network business is not for sale

MADRID, 16 May.

Iberdrola affirms that its network business is not for sale


Iberdrola has assured this Monday that its network business is not for sale, which it also considers strategic for the energy transition, while stressing that it sees networks as a key factor both for the electrification of the economy and for the revitalization of territories in which the company is present.

"That is why it considers regulated assets, together with renewable energies, key in its strategy", underlined the company chaired by Ignacio Sánchez Galán.

The firm already operates one of the largest distribution systems in the world, with more than 1.2 million kilometers of distribution and transmission, more than 4,500 substations and more than 1.6 million transformers, built and operated to provide a service of high quality and reliability to more than 32 million electricity supply points.

Iberdrola has highlighted that it continues to work on the modernization, digitization and automation of networks, as a key element to improve the quality of the distribution system and guarantee the massive incorporation of renewables in the near future, as well as to promote the electrification of mobility, buildings and industry.

Thus, as highlighted, its investment plan for the 2020-2025 period demonstrates it. Iberdrola will allocate more than 27,000 million euros to the network business, 40% of the planned organic investment.

The United States will receive the largest investment, some 11,880 million euros (44% of those 27,000 million), followed by Brazil with 5,670 million (21%), the United Kingdom with 4,860 million (18%) and Spain with 4,590 million ( The 17%).

In this way, the group's regulated asset base will reach 47,000 million euros in 2025.

Likewise, the group has highlighted that it is further increasing its sights and objectives: with the extension of its investment plan to 150,000 million euros until 2030, the company plans to double its asset base compared to the beginning of the plan and reach 60,000 million euros. euros at the end of the period.

"And all this investment occurs because Iberdrola firmly believes that the transition to a decarbonized and fully renewable system is not possible without having modern and flexible electricity transmission and distribution networks, capable of efficiently integrating the new emission-free power," he said. indicated.

For this reason, in recent years the Iberdrola group has installed nearly 15 million smart meters worldwide and remote management, supervision and automation capabilities have been incorporated into the network. By the end of 2025, more than 21 million smart meters will have been installed.