How to get started on V Rising? Our guide

V Rising offers us a unique survival experience, which can however seem quite confusing to new players.

How to get started on V Rising? Our guide

V Rising offers us a unique survival experience, which can however seem quite confusing to new players. We offer you some tips to help you build your empire of the night as quickly as possible.

With its sinister gothic style and its gameplay halfway between a hack'n'slash and a survival game, V Rising seems well on its way to conquering the hearts of many players. Only, even the most veteran of the followers of this genre of games can be lost in the face of the unique peculiarities of V Rising. Indeed, this time, you do not play a simple traveler trying to survive various dangers, but a vampire. An immortal monster, bloodthirsty and over-ambitious, that's your pedigree. And, although you began your adventure helpless in a seedy crypt, you decidedly did not arrive on Vardoran to string pearls. To help you in your first steps on V Rising, we have gathered some tips that can quickly prove to be very useful.

We explained it to you in the title, you will start your V Rising adventure in the cemetery in the southwest of the map. It is very important to explore this area in depth. Indeed, the cemetery is a fairly easy area to navigate, and above all filled with many enemies that can provide you with essential resources at the start of your game, you will find skeleton bones there but also many other useful materials. And these materials will be very useful to you, and very quickly.

A tip that may seem like a boat to any survival game lover, but in V Rising, death can be quite punitive. However, as a vampire, there is one thing that can very quickly burn you to ashes: the sun. If you find yourself exposed to the rays of our star for a little too long, you risk dying extremely quickly. But the game has a day / night cycle that can quickly become disabling if you do not have a peaceful place to store your resources and store your coffin. The latter is your respawn point in case of mishap, and having an active coffin on hand can save you a lot of time. Your base will require a considerable amount of resources from you to become the castle of your dreams, so choose a peaceful place, far from the starting cemetery, and of course, in the shade. Don't forget to fix the borders of your base quickly enough to prevent one of your blood-drinking fellows from becoming a neighbor too close.

One of the main mechanics of V Rising relies on your blood consumption. Indeed, you are a vampire after all, and it is the hemoglobin that fills you up. However, the type of blood you consume and its quality give you more or less important and different bonuses. You will therefore need to handle your meals with skill to adapt your bonuses to the activity you wish to perform. Know that it is possible to share your bonus with an allied vampire by letting him drink on you thanks to the power "expose a vein".

As you will have understood, as a vampire, the cycle of the sun can very quickly become fatal. This is why it is recommended to favor long-distance travel at night. Indeed, any exploration will be easier without the perpetual threat of the sun, especially if you plan to explore areas far from your base. During the day, you can always move around in the shade of trees or a foggy brazier (which you can craft very quickly in the game), and do some basic activities like chopping wood or collecting stone, building and stacking Resource. But it is under the light of the Moon that the show begins.

In V Rising, the blood altar will be used to hunt down important targets named V Blood Boss. These bosses give you plenty of rewards when defeated, including the ability to unlock new recipes and blueprints essential for producing materials. Do not hesitate to consult the said rewards in your altar, and to go hunting regularly. Your progress in the game greatly depends on it. Don't panic, the main quest will guide you in your first use of the altar, it's once the first boss is defeated that things get tough.

A cool little thing about V Rising is that your vampire powers allow you to operate machines without having to operate them constantly. You can therefore launch a production of an object, then leave to assassinate some thugs while your machines are running at full power. This is why we advise you to leave your machines running at all times, except for the shadow braziers which can be extinguished at night if your stock of bones is quite limited.


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