You have a lot of question marks in your head

"I'm on "Zmörgelen"," said Nino Niederreiter, as he picks up the phone. Breakfast at 11 am? This would not normally be on the Plan of the Swiss NHL players

You have a lot of question marks in your head

"I'm on "Zmörgelen"," said Nino Niederreiter, as he picks up the phone. Breakfast at 11 am? This would not normally be on the Plan of the Swiss NHL players of the Carolina Hurricanes. But normal, nothing is even in the NHL, the best hockey League in the world, since the day before it was announced that the championship due to the Coronoavirus for the time being on the ice is placed.

And now Niederreiter – like all the other NHL awaits players. And if you leagues the NHL, like all other North American professional as this highly professional world presents, in all and regulated is well thought out, then this image will be disturbed just. Because it all goes a little haywire, and much is uncertain.

Niederreiter was supposed to meet with his Hurricanes on Thursday in New Jersey, where he would be in the evening on the Devils and the Swiss Nico Hischier and Mirco Müller. But after getting the first SMS came in the Team Chat: No Warm up, no Team Meeting. And a little later the next: The Bus to the airport departs 14.30, instead of playing in the evening is flying back to Raleigh, where the Hurricanes are at home.

"As do many of your thoughts: all what is happening in Switzerland, even here?"Nino Niederreiter

For Friday were put off the players, there would be News after a conference call between the League and the players ' Union, to discuss the further course of action. But the real news is no, it all remained the same was followed by: "It was forbidden for us to go in the ice rink. And it was recommended to us to stay as much as possible at home," says Niederreiter.

canceled the season? Or is actually sought by the NHL to somehow bring it all to a sporting to the end, even with a Playoff in July? "All in the stars," said Niederreiter. He would like to come back to Switzerland, what time is the possible will be, he knows not.

The 27-year-old Grisons is not alone, girlfriend Cecilia is visiting, together, they also observe what happens in Switzerland, all of the measures which the Federal Council on Friday met. "As do many of your thoughts," says Niederreiter: "all what is happening in Switzerland, also here? We play at all? You have a lot of question marks in your head."

Mirco Müller: And all of a sudden the opponent away

was left As the Niederreiter and the Hurricanes on Thursday head over heels from Newark, waited Mirco Müller in the wardrobe of the opponent. "It was a Back-and-Forth," says the defender of the Devils. "Meeting at half past ten, then not not it was said on several occasions that we are allowed to on the ice, but then then again but. Then we heard that Carolina had already Packed everything back together. Then I drove home and waited."

"It was a Back-and-Forth. Then I drove home and waited."Mirco Müller

And the fact Muller reached on Friday, the Devils for the time being, no further relevant News. Also, Müller has followed the events in the home, as fast here, the everyday is not changed by the new decisions on Friday, the desire for a return to Switzerland, the 24-year-old Winterthur has about still.

Mirco Müller in Jersey City.

take, depending on what course the events around the Coronavirus in the United States, this could change. First of all, it is for Müller: Wait. He will also receive a visit, his parents are on a trip through the USA, you will soon arrive in New Jersey.

Gilles Senn: a typical AHL-Bus Story

Alone in his apartment Gilles Senn is currently waiting in Binghamton, where the farm team of the New Jersey Devils plays. And if there is a lack in the NHL to reliable information, how to go on, then, in the second-rate AHL is of course not better – on the contrary.

the 24-year-old Valais the decision for the championship stop with the Binghamton Devils experienced, is a typical AHL-Story, because a Bus-Story. After the away game in Rochester, the team traveled during the night to Laval, a suburb of Montreal in Canada, and arrived there at 4 o'clock in the Morning. "We feared we were going to travel so that something would happen, since the NBA had just decided the championship to interrupt," says Senn.

Gilles Senn in Binghamton.

And prompt: After a few hours of sleep in the Hotel in Laval, it was on the Morning of "Training for the upcoming game" but "Immediately back to Binghamton". As the team arrived after a good six hours-long Bus-Trip home, got the players, the instruction to go home and wait.

And so wait Senn, two days later, the Newspapers reached in the afternoon on the phone. In the ice rink to Train, the AHL may-player no longer in the city he does not like to go: "I saw on Social Media the pictures of how people buy the shops empty and panic make ..."

"Then I'd rather be with the family in Switzerland,"Gilles Senn

A day at home, there's a lot of time to Think. Senn speaks about the staff in and around the hall the Devils, who meet the mastery-stop particularly harsh: "There are people who are dependent on such Jobs, the only from game to game and work here and could suddenly earn nothing more."

would like to come back to Switzerland, says Senn. Really imagine that won't be played this season, he could actually. "I believe that there is nowhere nice is what could now happen to us," says Senn. "But I would rather be with my family, than it is here alone to be stuck."

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