The need to know parents of school closure

Now it is fact: The Federal Council decided at its press conference on Friday afternoon that all Swiss schools to the 4. April remain closed. The parents will

The need to know parents of school closure

Now it is fact: The Federal Council decided at its press conference on Friday afternoon that all Swiss schools to the 4. April remain closed. The parents will be a big challenge in the care.

Philipp Ramming, President of the Swiss Association for child and adolescent psychology, says to 20 minutes: "Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures." Unconventional solutions are now allowed. "Now it's about doing what works and to discharge, to contribute," says Ramming. He and Roger Rudolph, Professor of labour law at the University of Zurich, explain how this succeeds.

me Can the employer force you to Work in the office, when I have children that need to be cared for at home?
"no, he can't," says Rudolph. As long as parents are not able to organise care differently, they should stay home. "It is a statutory duty to provide for their own children." Whether in this Situation – if not a home office is possible – a right to the continued payment of wages is not, however, legally unclear, if the children are sick and on the regulatory arrangement in the school.

the employers for childcare, free or the home office grant?
"Yes, child care is a legal obligation, and, accordingly, I should stay away from work until I can arrange a different care solution," says Rudolph. As a rule of thumb, three days apply. "If it but not manage to find another solution, it may be even longer." Here, too, it is unclear whether the employer must pay the wage, if the parents can't make a home office or. The employer must allow for a not a home office. "If he does not, but he must accept that I will stay for the child-care home and not work."

the day-care centres Remain open?
This is at the Moment still unclear. The Federal Council writes in its press release: "For the elementary school, the cantons may provide, however, care must be to prevent as far as possible, that the children are cared for by their grandparents." Federal councillor Alain Berset added at the press conference: "the handling of The nursery is the responsibility of the cantons."

How can I deal with my children, if I have to work in a home office?
According to Philipp Ramming it depends on the age of the children. "It is helpful if you can be excited for a project, be it a book, Drawing, Painting, cooking together, or just finally all the classic fairy tales on DVD to watch. In the network countless ideas on the subject are to be found for sure."

I can't work at home at the same time, and the care of children. Must the employer pay the wages of an external support person, such as a babysitter?
"no," says Rudolph. The chief had to accept that parents could not or not fully provide the home office, if you need to simultaneously take care of. "You can communicate but, of course, on a baby-sitter solution, which the employer paid, so I can work at home or in your operation."

What do I do if I have a lot of video conferences and the children's interfere all the time?
The simplest solution is, according to Ramming, to go in another room and the kids leave for a while himself. "In this case, you can yell but also," says Ramming, "Sometimes you have to tell the children clearly what is going on. The participants of the video conference will have a sure understanding." In such moments, educationally meaningful" concepts "are often not helpful.

May require the chief of the same service from me if I have to make at home a home office and childcare?
It is clear that the necessary care also had an effect on the amount of home office work, says Rudolph. Because parents to the care are entitled and obliged, to do not blame you, if you could not afford at the same time in the full scope of the home office.

I Must put the children four hours at a stretch in front of the TV or gaming can?
For Ramming is not a Problem. "If you drink in between, a syrup or a tea with them, and you can tell, helps the feel, where the children are."

I work in a profession that the home office is impossible. What options do I have to secure the support?
applicable here, Too, that parents are allowed to stay home, to childcare, to ensure themselves until an alternative solution was organized, said Rudolph. "In view of the threat situation for the elderly, the Muster of the grandparents would not be reasonable and thus not an Alternative." Home office-ability is not a prerequisite, you can take the right to care for the children themselves, if it was necessary.

How do I tell the children that the schools are closed and you are not allowed to see their grandparents?
According to Ramming a simple, honest communication helps here: "You tell the children that you do, so you don't get a cold or a flu to get." Not conducive to panic is doing: "So that no one dies, is certainly not a good explanation," says Ramming. With regard to the grandparents, was just asked a little creativity: "The call today, Yes wonderful ways with video," says Ramming. (red)

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