Switzerland dominated the Ski season

at the beginning of December 2019 delivery, everything as usual: 1. Austria. 2. Switzerland. The Driver of the neighbouring country had turned the corner and yo

Switzerland dominated the Ski season

at the beginning of December 2019 delivery, everything as usual: 1. Austria. 2. Switzerland. The Driver of the neighbouring country had turned the corner and your skin pulsation on the space provided for them heaved. However, with the glory in which they lived prior to that for 30 years, it was over soon. At the beginning of 2020, slalom festival in Madonna di Campiglio, especially for the Swiss. Daniel Yule triumphed in front of tens of thousands, Tanguy Nef, the young daredevil, was Sixth.

The Austrians failed, meanwhile, is clearly in the desperate attempt to close the gap to Marcel Hirscher's resignation. Once again, Austria took the lead, with a one-point lead after the combination of Zauchensee. From the Slalom of Adelboden, only envy remained of views on the Sizzling Swiss. 1038 points, so great was their tab at the end of this shortened season. Swiss-Ski is happy about a Boost of around half a Million Swiss francs of the sponsors for this long-awaited Triumph in the Nations Cup.

bullet rain

It is a veritable ball of rain that patters on the Swiss Team low. Five-piece Hiking in the trophy cabinets of Swiss-Ski athletes. The last time 28 years ago, when Paul Accola won the overall world Cup title in Super-G and combination triumphed, Franz Heinzer won the downhill standings, and Vreni Schneider, the Slalom.

A great ball this time, however, and the Cup for the best skiers in the race in Parallel, the Loïc Meillards earned, has probably only limited value. "The ball is meant to honor the Best of the season. However, with only two races, that makes a lot of sense," he says himself. However, the Swiss dominated the king discipline: Corinne Suter and Beat Feuz triumphed in the downhill, and Suter in the Super-G, as Mauro Caviezel. The Swiss: A nation in the pace of noise.

The points hoarder

she was the big figure of the Swiss team at last year's world Cup in Are. Silver in the downhill, Bronze in Super-G, the Corinne Suter took in the high North. Never the Schwyzerin had stood until then in the world Cup on the podium. The successes continued in the head of the 25-free Years a little, all the uncertainties, the doubts, they were gone at the latest in this season. Suter now stands at nine podiums and two Wins. She was the most successful points collector among the Swiss, there was rank 4 in the overall world Cup.

Suter was still more successful than Wendy Holdener, who attempted the same in all six disciplines, six times on the podium, however, as in the Winter before without a win in the single remained apply. Also for men, the Speed-riders were the biggest points hoarder. Beat Feuz, of this medical miracle on mountain skiing, at seven of the nine departures on the podium, won in Beaver Creek and Wengen. With 792 points, he landed on the 6. Place in the overall world Cup – although the Emmentaler can only strike in a discipline really.

Meanwhile, Mauro Caviezel increased its run from the previous year. With four podium finishes in something of a breakthrough in the Grisons at that time. This time there were five: three in Super-G, each in combination and departure.

The Speed-Queens

holten, is in the success: Switzerland were in this year was only the third strongest force behind the Italian women around the overall world Cup champion Federica Brignone and Austria, the 316 or 254 points. It is mainly the Speed Team Corinne Suter and Lara was Well-Behrami, which was, after all, for this podium.

The men, however, were the clear number 1 in this season. They have distanced the second-placed Norwegian overall world Cup winner Aleksander Kilde 580 points. Duration rival of Austria lands in the case of the men, even behind France, only on the 4. Rank with 1100 points behind the Swiss.

these are the men with the long skis for the moments of happiness. Also in the last few years in a rush-by-step slalom team that helped with 1208 points, the second most for the top spot does. The Daniel Yule, who won three times and with a total of four Victories the most successful Swiss slalom driver of the story is fact.

broad peak

The Big Points, the pick they would have told the coach before the season. So: wins, podiums, just might make the difference to the opponents. The Swiss Team put the then also won 11 of 66 races, and had a total of 47 times on the podium.

However, it was at the end, especially the width, or the width of the peak, which created the difference. Italy and France cheered also at least 10 wins, Austria, 8 and 30 podiums. However, in contrast to the competition, there is now no discipline in the Swiss athlete does not have the athletes at least chances of getting a Top 3 placement, and if it doesn't work, still income positions among the first 10 for you to stay.

The unequal duel

What the Swiss had but the bottom of the by had to, how quickly the paint of the glorious 80s from flipping it. The Winter 1988/89: Pirmin Zurbriggen won the overall world Cup, took two more balls. Vreni Schneider cleared the women, was the most successful Skier in the winter, won the big crystal globe in the discipline rankings in the giant slalom and Slalom, Michela Figini, the best Abfahrerin, Brigitte Oertli was the Strongest in the combination.

31 years ago now. And since then, Switzerland had the Check in the Nations Cup, Austria was the length winner was the neighbor also and demonstrated. In the 2012/13 season, as Switzerland is rank 6 remained behind Austria, Italy, the USA, France and Germany. In this Winter, the Swiss fought back. Peter Schrock needle, President of the Austrian ski Federation, says it was a unique opportunity for the Swiss. This is likely to see it differently.

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