A crisis that cannot be wegtwittern

Donald trump big TV address to the Nation – not his usual critics – was bad. Not a word about the missing Tests for the Coronavirus , in favour of nationalis

A crisis that cannot be wegtwittern

Donald trump big TV address to the Nation – not his usual critics – was bad. Not a word about the missing Tests for the Coronavirus , in favour of nationalist rhetoric on the entry lock, and several false statements: That reassured neither the stock markets nor the American people. So Trump took on Friday a second attempt. From the rose garden of the White house, he called to the side of his group of experts, the national state of emergency, which allows the Federal government up to 50 billion dollars for the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic use.

but Above all, Trump announced this time, the dramatic lack of Tests to address the led in the United States that there are no reliable figures on the number of Infected. Soon it will be, therefore, for Americans to in Drive-in facilities in Parking lots of supermarkets and large pharmacies to the Coronavirus test. The test kits are made in the process, among other things, by the Basel pharmaceutical company Roche, the Trump thanked a number of occasions. In the beginning of next week, said Trump, would be 1.4 million Tests, and also in hospitals and government laboratories will now be a much larger capacity.

warnings ignored

it sounded So similar to however already several times. The fact is that the USA got in terms of the Tests in comparison to many other States in the residue. So far were carried out at 327 million inhabitants and only 13’600 Tests. There are daily in the media new reports of Doctors who want to leave patients with flu symptoms to the Coronavirus test. The Doctors also complain of Kafkaesque bureaucratic hurdles that you must overcome before the health authorities approve in the States at all Tests. "This is a failure," said Anthony Fauci, head of the Institute for allergies and infectious diseases, this week before a congressional Committee: "We should admit it."

Fauci, a veteran officer with a raspy voice, has become in the past few weeks to the face for that part of the US government, the Americans still trust. Daily Fauci reminded of the rules on television on hygiene, calls potentially ill people to quarantine, informed soberly and objectively. It is not an easy Job: Fauci must not strive, always, to speak to the President publicly, because Trump understands as an attack against his Person. A fundamental problem of the Corona pandemic in the United States: Trump ignored warnings of its health officials for a long time, she played down and granted according to media reports, some officials and scientists, not a speech prohibition. The Coronavirus in the United States? It may not be what must not be.

blame other

And so it was that Trump common week wrong information. "Anyone who wants to, can be tested", he claimed last week: "The Tests are gorgeous." On Thursday, he said that all entry would not be found in the United States tested for the Virus, which is not true. On Friday, he then attacked via Twitter, the own US health authority "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," and claimed that the government of Barack Obama is the reason for the delays, which is also wrong. And at his press conference in the rose garden, Trump said on the question of the missing Tests: "I take no responsibility." At the reaction of his Administration there is to criticize nothing.

the Deny and counter-attack move: This is Trumps proven strategy in dealing with things that don't fit him. However, a Virus can of a tweet not to impress, and very many Americans are aware that the Trumps are not statements of faith to the Virus.

While the President so idle steps other Managers – governors, mayors, school principals and heads of companies remained, – to the fact that The public life in the country is now restricted in many places. All of the major sports events are cancelled, schools are often closed, are the famous lights on Broadway in New York are deleted. All of these steps, however, are hardly uniform guidelines, but act more or less improvised.


moved Also affects the ongoing election campaign of the Democratic party to the presidency candidacy. The for the 4. April provided for the area code in Louisiana has been moved to June. It is still open whether also other codes could be affected, which is still pending. Already happened, speculating as to what in the case of a persistent or recurrent Corona outbreak with the presidential election in November. Is carried out a postal ballot, what was there before? Will Trump want the choice to move?

So far it is not yet. In the foreground, other things: economic aid package for the victims of the Corona-epidemic now. The Democrats in the house of representatives presented on Friday a law that Coronavirus-Tests for all Americans makes available free of charge and financial support for workers provides that an acquisition failure is imminent. Whether or not the Republicans accept the package and whether or not Trump writes, it also was initially unclear.

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Updated Date: 14 March 2020, 01:05

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