After landing in Kloten starts to run for the Italians of the hurdles

they wear masks, have screaming children in the poor and the whip out pass is a Bordeaux red Italy. With 59 passengers on Board, a Thirteenth-lands on the histo

After landing in Kloten starts to run for the Italians of the hurdles

they wear masks, have screaming children in the poor and the whip out pass is a Bordeaux red Italy. With 59 passengers on Board, a Thirteenth-lands on the historic Friday – still – an Airbus A319 of Alitalia to 18.39 PM. Course AZ 574 comes from Rome. For the first time since the 12. December 2008 have to take these passengers from Italy back of a border control.

in order To 15.06 at the Covid-19 regulation 2 of the Federal Council meets for the airport police. Critical page 6 is. Italy is listed as a risk country, as the only. Not all that surprising. "We were prepared," says Major Ueli Zoelly, the commander of the airport police. In normal times, a dozen aircraft from Italy to come per day – in the summer a lot more.

Until the arrival of AZ 574 a good three hours. In this time the Team of Nicole Beck, Deputy head of Department border Department, the wheel of history must turn back. You need to organize the arrival procedure, as it was before the accession of Switzerland to the Schengen area. Since the end of 2008, arrivals walk out of the Schengen countries on the Kloten airport, just get in, without having to Pass show. Customs controls, and a suspicious look in the publican, the inside and the publican, there was still.

Many face masks

After the landing of the Alitalia two buses to transport the passengers to the Busgate Terminal 2. The same procedure as every day – just at the entrance, many police officers are somewhat even in their blue uniforms. And about every third passenger is wearing a face mask. That is not a very good idea, you will soon notice. Nicole Beck and her Team have constructed on the first floor, a first control line: two floor pültchen and with shut-off tapes, walking paths marked. "Upstream border control" is the name of the. Manned the desks with professionals. Security wizard, the border is your job title.

The two men have "the look", they say. They are trained in document forgery and Profiling, you have a good knowledge of human nature, are linguistically gifted, and above all: you will quickly notice if you make up a lie story. Many of these specialists are a beginner, have already seen something of the world cross. Normally, you sit at the counters of the border control for overseas flights.

With these specialists to get it to do the comers now. "Passport please, or per favore", which means it then. For outsiders it looks a little isolating, what follows. The Swiss Pass is good, Italy passport è una problema. According to the new Federal Council's regulation will be denied to all persons from a risk country to enter Switzerland. With exceptions: Swiss citizenship, residence permit, visa or in writing of the designated professional reason for a departure. Or are you just passing through "with the intention to travel directly to another country". With a bit of a talk and dramatic Gestures, it is not done, however. "We demand a train or flight ticket that shows onward journey," says Nicole Beck.

it is Estimated half of the passengers from Rome have Swiss passports. They are fast and almost at home. The rest of the discuss is energized with the security wizard, and pull out further documents. A child cries miserably. Who wears a mask, she pulls out in front of the standing pültchen. Because that was a stupid idea. As we know, just have to already have a mask stuck to wear.

Six passengers and the crying child will be directed to the second control line, have their passports checked. Only or holiday-making in Switzerland is not enough for Shopping as the entry reason. Contact person of the rejected, a group of chief Border guard, a former Swiss guard, who informs you in almost perfect Italian about your Situation is now. And the means: travel to Rome. Only the mother with her child is left inside. The Swiss guard was able to clear up a linguistic misunderstanding.

A Mini-Grounding

For the airport, this border control is now Routine. "I would not be surprised if the Federal Council would soon be put other countries on the list," said airport police chief Ueli Zoelly. His political boss, Regierungsrat Mario Fehr (SP), had already claimed at the media conference an hour earlier by the Federal Council, also to countries such as China, Iran or South Korea on the list.

Outside, on the stands, it darkens. Around 20 Swiss-planes are parked. "This is a Mini-Grounding," says a passenger. And adds maliciously: "With the difference that now the Germans have to pay."

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