Please do not cuddle or caress!

In Hong Kong, appeared at the end of February for the first time in a dog, the new Coronavirus . After the swabs from the mouth and the nasal cavity were posit

Please do not cuddle or caress!

In Hong Kong, appeared at the end of February for the first time in a dog, the new Coronavirus . After the swabs from the mouth and the nasal cavity were positive, the dwarf pointed to quarantine. He had no relevant symptoms. Nevertheless, in the case of a repetition of the Tests after five days, still small amounts of the pathogen of Sars were found CoV-2.

"The dog lived in close contact with his owner, who was previously suffering from Covid-19," says Barbara Willi, infectious disease login the clinic for small animal medicine of the Vetsuisse faculty in Zurich. The proven amount of virus was very low. You assume that Pets do not play a relevant role in the spread of the new Coronavirus and there is no risk for the people represented.

"Nevertheless, it is not useful if the infected people just keep a distance to other people, but also to the four-legged friends in the house," explains Willi. For their maintenance it is necessary, however, to be sufficiently taken care of. In addition, when dealing with house animals, basic rules of hygiene such as the regular hands in fact, always be maintained wash should be about the Pet. But also, not from animal to kiss or lick your face, as well as to share the food with him.

Infected animal holder with mask

The world Association of small animal practitioners (WSAVA) recommends that Covid-19-Sufferers should take care for their Pets, a mask, and in each case before and after hands are thoroughly disinfected. In the heavily affected areas, some experts advise that cats should stay in the house.

"such A proposal we have made for us," explains Willi. Because this is currently the Situation in Switzerland is not adequate and also for the pet as well as for the holder a permanent right stressful. Originally, the recommendation to get back to the fact that at the time of the Sars epidemic in 2002/03, the corresponding Coronavirus even in the case of domestic cats has been demonstrated.

coronaviruses are in the animal Kingdom are numerous and belong to four genera. The Alpha - and Beta-coronaviruses infect mammals in General, while in the case of Gamma - and Delta-coronavirus in addition, birds infected can be. "Also of us humans has had any with corona virus contact," says Volker Thiel, a virologist at the University of Bern. Most of them are in contrast to Sars-CoV-2 but harmless cold virus, and often cause only a runny nose.

mystery of the Pangolin

Otherwise, the since 2012 on the Arabian Peninsula, surfaced, mainly by camels and transmitted Coronavirus Mers-CoV, that has led so far to more than 838 death cases. Or the originally of bats and probably the civet-borne Coronavirus, Sars-CoV-1, the spread at the end of 2002 from South China, coming in a few weeks, on almost all continents. It 774 people died within the space of only half a year.

the trigger for the current pandemic are very likely to be horseshoe bats. Because in the case of an animal from the province of Yunnan found corona viruses are almost identical with the current Sars-CoV-2. "The genome corresponds to 96 percent," says Thiel. However, it is unclear how the transmission chain exactly was. Has a person about bat droppings on? Or there were perhaps other animals as intermediate hosts? And took place the first broadcast to the people on a market with live animals?

In search of an animal to the Coronavirus barrier-the big jump the Species managed, recently was also the Pangolin is a potential candidate. Because in China, smuggled animals, researchers discovered corona virus, whose genetic RNA sequences matched to 90 percent of the novel Coronavirus to the people. "This is compared to a bat but much too little," explains Thiel. It was interesting, however, that this Virus is likely to penetrate through the same Receptor in a host cell, such as the current Sars-CoV-2 in humans.

feline coronavirus

Many animals have come in the course of your life already with corona virus in contact. So the Feline Coronavirus, which is excreted in the feces has been circulating around cats for a long time. Mostly, the infection is asymptomatic. Only in a few cases, the Virus is altered in the intestine of cats and causes a fatal disease, which may be accompanied with severe peritonitis. These cats are corona viruses but are not transferable to humans. Similar to the one of dogs, leading to bowel problems or kennel cough. to protect

in order To be a pet in the current world disease, apply the usual rules for hygiene. "These must be adequately and animal," says Willi. So it brings nothing, a dog is just a mask to impose. On the contrary, He then gets massive breathing problems, because he can use his increased body temperature with Panting instead of how we are to control with sweating.

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