And now? Questions, questions to the Federal Council

following the press conference, the Federal Council were provided to the members of the government of questions : "What made you decide to change the strat

And now? Questions, questions to the Federal Council

following the press conference, the Federal Council were provided to the members of the government of questions : "What made you decide to change the strategy now? What has changed?", want to know a Journalist. It was always a decision on the current output location, responds Berset. "There is a new study that is in favour of school closures. Therefore, we now had a new situation", the Minister of the interior. However, it should prevent that the grandparents can now watch on the children. What are the rules for crèches? "is a legitimate question," says Berset. If creches are to be closed, in accordance with Berset decide the cantons themselves. "Children care Cribs offer and do not belong to the compulsory education." There are many different models of Care in the cantons, which would need to be considered. "We expect that the cantons are able to assess this decision and the current Situation itself, and, accordingly, to decide." you appeal to the solidarity. How do you want to raise the awareness of the young Generation, which is itself affected by serious disease, for that? "I think we put a good Signal. The Situation is serious," says Berset. You've created the event, prohibition facts. To show that It is serious. You don't need to protect the vulnerable groups. "The party scene had to understand, to make it temporarily to something else." Why doesn't the school closure directly up to the Easter holidays? "no one can really say how the Situation in three to four weeks will look like," says Berset. The measures are extended and / or changed. "It is the first Time that the Federal Council decides such a measure. We will be watching these three weeks very carefully and then decide how we continue." Is the list of risk equivalent to a travel warning? , The Federal Council does not advise, trips Abroad, if they are necessary. The fact that the Swiss would not be blocked in a foreign country or in host countries, the children and their health system loaded. The "list of risk countries" can, however, be regarded as a travel warning, said Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter. There is criticism of virologists, that not always would be tested, if there is no hard case was available. What is the reason? Daniel Koch from the BAG answers, this is a good question. The impression could arise that we want to test. It is important that you say to the young: If your symptoms, you stay home. You do not want to have to the fullest now all of the capacity. But to Build on. the new rule Is that only 50 people in Bars and Nightclubs are allowed to be present, controlled? "The regulation is an obligation for the Owner of the Clubs and Bars," says Berset. He expected that the new rules would be implemented. "Otherwise, it is simply illegal." in the Canton of Ticino Had a pioneering role in this? He was a laboratory test? Ticino is by no means a testing laboratory, says Federal councillor Alain Berset. "The Canton of Ticino, was confronted due to its geographical location, just sooner with real-world problems due to the Virus." But given the will to take concrete measures. The Ticino have shown what it'll take to explain the measures and the population "to take". tourists will no longer be able to enter the country, cross-border commuters already. How does that go together? ", One must note that not all cross-border workers in Switzerland", says Karin Keller-Sutter. This was introduced because in the Canton of Ticino at the short-time work. On the other hand, you have to get but also the hospital infrastructure to maintain. the recruits schools now? "It is not provided to close the recruit schools," says Berset. For soldiers, the same rules would apply as for all the others: keep a safe distance to stay, with symptoms at home. How to classify today's measures historically? The Situation is very extraordinary and far-reaching, so Sommaruga. "I do not believe that such measures have already been taken." Now is important that the population effective, these measures and their meaning to understand. It is an ongoing process and must check the measures again and again. "It's not easy. You have to show the population why this is true today. Why you could soon apply to something else," says Sommaruga. Therefore, it is all the more important to explain to the population. Is not the Public transport, the biggest weakness of this strategy? Man appeal, the use of the public TRANSPORT shut down, so Sommaruga. You can see already now that passenger numbers had fallen. You have already taken measures for the employees in Public transport. Thus, Sagittarius is about the bus driver. not Again Should the cross-border workers: limit the Federal Council is active, the number of cross-border commuters? "The Federal Council believes that the companies assume responsibility. Perhaps because less work is applied or the home office was introduced," says Karin Keller-Sutter. However, it is difficult for the Federal Council, a selection. "It is difficult to say, in health care, we want to let all the commuters and in the machine industry, we only allow a single key persons in Switzerland." we Are now in the "extraordinary situation"? You can already meet many of the measures in the particular situation, so Berset. The advantage is that you can coordinate with the Swiss cantons. In the extraordinary situation would support the decisions on emergency legislation. Daniel Koch, head of communicable diseases of the BAG, supplemented, as long as you can treat the epidemic with the Tools of the particular situation, it would be better. shop closures Are imminent? "The Situation is serious and difficult, but there is no reason to panic," says the President of the Simmonetta Summaruga. Also in Italy, the grocery stores were open still. Such a measure was not planned in Switzerland. "That people around think about how often you go to the Store, is understandable. This is one of the personal precautionary measures." Italy is completely sealed off. This scenario is also possible for Switzerland? was not The objective of today's measures, precisely, "that we come into a situation like that in Italy," says Daniel cook from the BAG. We must do everything to prevent the health system will be overloaded. "I am absolutely convinced that we will create. Even if we will also have a lot of sick people." In this Moment is the most Important thing is that all the hospitals know that they are preparing now for the infrastructure for the intensive care of free need to make. "We must absolutely prevent that, we get into a Situation in which the patient can no longer be properly cared for," said cook. What happens to the ski resorts? "means the closing of the ski resorts," says Federal councillor Berset. That are allowed to be present at private and public events to only 100 people at a time, means for the ski resorts in the early season circuit. To the questions, how many ventilators has the army currently , may be Daniel cook had no answer. You would try, however, the current stocks to increase. What does the Federal Council, in order to prevent infection? , the state government on the new measures. You think in meetings and media conferences distance. "We all have a Vice, should it come to a case of illness in the government," says the President of the Summaruga. Austria introduces border controls with Switzerland. What does the Federal Council think about this? You have no influence on how Austria was reacting to the current Situation, says Berset. "Austria has also Corona-cases, to be fair," says the Federal Council. "We will take note of." you Can compare the Coronavirus with the seasonal flu? no, says Daniel cook from the BAG. The Situation is different. Berset added: for the flu, there are vaccinations. councillor Parmelin: it Is still possible to prevent a recession? "When you look at which countries are now affected everything from the Virus, it is eliminate difficult a recession," says Federal councillor Guy Parmelin. the cantons Are behind the decision of the Federal Council? Yes, says Alain Berset. "The closure of schools, many already on the Plan." The decision of the Federal Council of harmonious development. Why not banned all sporting events? "We do everything now, what helps the health of the population", explains Alain Berset. Mind games its not generally a Problem. "We will not cancel, therefore, individual events." the concrete design of The intensive care is left to the cantons. Why? "We don't have the concern that we do not know where how many beds are available," says Daniel cook from the BAG. It works in the normal case, when patients would be moved between the cantons "around". "We want to improve the System, and therefore, it is stated in the regulation that we communicated the number of free beds in the cantons on a regular basis." (Recorded: Anja Ruoss, Matthias Chapman) ()

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