Russian invasion: War in Ukraine: That's the situation

In the conflict with Russia over the Ukraine war, the European Union is seeking solidarity with its neighbors.

Russian invasion: War in Ukraine: That's the situation

In the conflict with Russia over the Ukraine war, the European Union is seeking solidarity with its neighbors. Chancellor Olaf Scholz and more than 40 other heads of state and government met in Prague on Thursday for the summit. At the same time, the EU formally decided on further sanctions against Russia, including an oil price cap. Moscow responded with threats to divert oil exports. Ukraine continues to report successes in the war zone.

In his daily video message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke of the recapture of three other towns in the Cherson region. The recent Russian attacks with Iranian combat drones on Ukrainian cities are futile. "That doesn't help you anymore. You've already lost," he said to the Russian leadership. They can no longer motivate their own soldiers, said Zelenskyj.

In Russia, a partial mobilization at the end of September triggered panic among many young men and a mass flight across the borders. According to his own account, President Vladimir Putin is now trying to fix errors. He issued a decree exempting other groups from military service for the time being: students at private universities with state approval, postgraduates and prospective priests.

Zelenskyj: NATO must prevent Russian use of nuclear weapons

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj, NATO must prevent the possibility of a Russian use of nuclear weapons - if necessary with preventive strikes. Zelenskyj emphasized the importance of preventive measures during an appearance in front of the Lowy Institute on Thursday. NATO "must rule out the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons. But what's important - and that's why I'm turning to the international community like before February 24 - is that these are preventive strikes, so that they know what's in store for them if they use them." He emphasized: "Not the other way around: wait for hits from Russia and then say: "Oh, you're like that, then you'll get it from us now". The statements caused a stir on the Russian side. A Zelenskyj spokesman immediately emphasized that Zelenskyj's demand had been misunderstood.

The Ukrainian President only said that before February 24 - the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine - preventive measures were necessary to prevent the war.

Kremlin: Zelenskyj calls for the start of World War III

The Kremlin has sharply condemned statements made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy towards NATO about possible pre-emptive strikes against Russia. "Zelensky's statements are nothing more than a call to start World War III with unforeseeable, terrible consequences," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday. The Russian Foreign Ministry also heavily criticized Zelenskyj's statements.

According to Peskov, the United States and Britain are directing Kiev's actions. They are therefore also responsible for Zelenskyj's statements, said the Kremlin spokesman. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claimed that the West was initiating a nuclear war. "Every person on the planet needs to realize that the weapon-filled and unstable puppet Zelenskyy has turned into a monster with hands that can destroy the entire planet," she said.

Moscow reports capture of settlement in Donetsk

Officially, Putin continues to be confident of victory. After a number of setbacks in eastern Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the capture of the Zaitseve settlement in the Donetsk region and the killing of 120 Ukrainian soldiers. The information provided by the warring parties can hardly be independently verified. According to British intelligence services, the Russian military is under pressure on the Dnipro River in Ukraine, among other places.

On Wednesday, Putin formally sealed the illegal annexation of the Cherson, Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhia regions in eastern and southern Ukraine, but does not control any of these regions completely. At the same time, the President ordered the nationalization of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Zaporizhia. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, wants to negotiate in Kyiv and Moscow because of the danger of a nuclear catastrophe. The Kremlin confirmed that such a meeting is being prepared.

Zelenskyy calls Russia the most anti-European country in the world

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy called for further solidarity with his country and on Thursday described Russia as the "strongest anti-European country in the world". Zelenskyj was connected via video link to the Prague summit of more than 40 heads of state and government from all over Europe. The format goes back to an idea by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Russian opposition figure charged with treason

Russian opposition politician and journalist Vladimir Kara-Mursa has been charged with treason in Moscow. According to his lawyer, it is about public appearances in Lisbon, Helsinki and Washington. There, his client criticized the Russian authorities, but the performances did not pose a threat to national security, lawyer Vadim Prokhorov said, according to the state news agency TASS. If convicted, the 40-year-old faces up to 20 years in prison. Kara-Mursa is a prominent critic of Putin and is already in custody for allegedly discrediting the Russian armed forces.