"Sister Act 3": How far is the sequel to the comedy?

"Sister Act" celebrates its anniversary on November 26th.

"Sister Act 3": How far is the sequel to the comedy?

"Sister Act" celebrates its anniversary on November 26th. The comedy starring Whoopi Goldberg (67) started in cinemas 30 years ago. A year later "Sister Act 2 - In Divine Mission" followed. Since then, fans have been waiting for the third part of the hit comedy.

About two years ago, this was announced by Disney. According to Deadline, Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production President Sean Bailey confirmed the project at Disney Investor Day 2020. Goldberg is also set to reprise her role in the sequel. Speaking on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the actress revealed the film is in the works with her. So far, however, little has happened.

In 2021 it was announced that Tim Federle (42) was hired to direct the sequel and that Madhuri Shekar would write the screenplay. In September 2022, producer Tyler Perry (53) revealed: "We have a good script". He gave the update on the talk show "The View". Goldberg works there as a moderator and was therefore able to have a say himself.

Perry loves the idea of ​​making the film. But "the Hollywood system is moving a little slower than I'd like," Perry said. At the moment, attempts are being made to “move everyone in the right direction so that we can get started”. Goldberg added that it took "Sister Act 3" 20 years to get off the ground. At the same time, she praised the producer: "They said nobody wanted to see him, and then Tyler came up and said, 'I want to see him.'"

In October 2022, Goldberg expressed her desires for the cast. In the "Hell of a Week" show, the actress named Lizzo (34), Keke Palmer (29) and Nicki Minaj (39), among others, whom she would like to bring to the third installment of the comedy film. She wants to have as many people as possible who want to have some fun with her. "Because I really need to have some fun," she said.

In "Sister Act," singer Deloris (Goldberg) witnesses a murder. For security reasons, she is placed in a witness protection program and sent to a convent disguised as a nun. There she messes everything up, but also gets the monastery choir back into shape. The original film grossed more than $231 million worldwide.