Hair transplant in Madrid, how is it done and how much does it cost?

It is common for most people that their body has some type of imperfection.

Hair transplant in Madrid, how is it done and how much does it cost?

It is common for most people that their body has some type of imperfection. These problems in the development of body systems can cause physical or emotional problems to those who suffer from them. Medicine is responsible for creating treatments to solve it. Hair grafting is a procedure aimed at treating alopecia in its chronic form, being the only definitive solution to this condition.

A high percentage of patients with alopecia or baldness want to undergo this intervention. However, many doubts about it can make a person not decide to carry it out. Among the main questions that many ask are how a hair transplant is done or what is the value of this operation.

In this post we will tell you what a hair graft in Madrid is, how it is done and how much it costs.

The capillary graft is a minimally invasive surgical intervention, its objective is to return the hair lost due to alopecia to the scalp. To do this, a doctor specialized in trichology and implantology will be dedicated to taking hair follicles from a donor area to the recipient, affected by baldness. This treatment is the only definitive alternative for permanent hair loss.

To carry out this surgery, there are different techniques:

FUSS: The FUSS or strip method is a type of follicle harvesting, in which a strip of hair-covered scalp is taken. It will be subsequently divided until follicular units are obtained that will be implanted in the head next.

FUE: It is another form of follicular extraction, which is more direct than the first. In this case, a minimal cut is made around each follicle to obtain its unit. These incisions are so minimal that they do not leave scars.

DHI: We are talking about an updated method of the FUE technique. This form of implantation does not require the donor area to be shaved, in addition to allowing immediate placement of each follicular unit. This guarantees a greater survival of the follicles.

Hair transplant surgery is carried out as follows:

Patient reception

Upon arrival at the clinic, the patient is received by the clinical staff and taken to an area where the surgeon will be in charge of detailing all the steps of the procedure. At this time, the patient will be able to clarify each of her doubts.

clinical documentation

The doctor will be in charge of taking photographs of the head in different positions, in order to create a clinical documentation of the patient that allows reviewing the before and after treatment. These images are important to keep track of the evolution of the new hair. Every 3 months photographs will be taken to document the changes.

Design of the donor and recipient areas

This design is carried out in mutual agreement with the patient, seeking at all times that the results of the surgery are natural. To do this, it is established which will be the donor area and which will be the recipient area. This is carried out with a marker that allows delimiting both parts. It is possible, depending on the technique to be performed, that the donor area is partially or completely shaved.

Obtaining the follicles

It is at this point in the surgery that anesthesia will be applied. It is a local numbness of the donor area, which can be the nape or the sides of the head. For this intervention, it is not necessary to take peripheral routes, only the desensitization of the skin on which the work will be done is required.

The only discomfort that the patient may experience will be the punctures to apply the local anesthesia. In just 2 seconds, the area to be treated will be completely numb and the extraction can continue.

These units will be taken in different ways, depending on the technique to be executed. A strip of skin can be taken, which will later be divided, or the follicles can be extracted with an instrument called a punch.

Preparation of the follicles

After the follicular units have been extracted, when the DHI technique will not be performed, it is necessary to place them in a storage solution. This will ensure that they remain active, prior to placement.

A part of the team of experts will be in charge of preparing and classifying them. For this, LED lights will be used, which maintain the necessary temperature for the follicles. They are also picked out using a microscope.

The success of this surgery depends mainly on this step. Follicular unit survival is closely related to graft growth rate.

Implantation of follicular units

This is the final phase of the surgery. The step in which the follicular units that had previously been extracted are implanted and distributed. The doctor in charge of the procedure will determine the depth, inclination and direction that each of the hairs will have. This should be done only by expert hands, to ensure that the result is completely natural.

In general, in any part of the world, hair grafting is a high-value surgery. In many countries, the amount required to repopulate the scalp is excessive. For many years, Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, has been known as an excellent city to access this intervention, due to its low prices. But Spain has begun to offer operations with equally attractive budgets and unsurpassed quality.

This has led to an increase in medical tourism in cities like Madrid. More and more patients have chosen the capital of Spain as the ideal place to undergo this treatment. In the hair clinics of Madrid, people from all over the world are treated, who come attracted by the price and the good reputation of their specialists.

A hair transplant in Madrid can cost between 2,000 and 7,000 euros, a price that will depend on different factors: the clinic chosen to carry out the intervention, the trajectory of the doctor who will perform the procedures, the equipment used during the treatment, the technology available , the implantation technique and the condition of the scalp are determining factors in the price.

Anyone who seeks to undergo a surgical intervention that affects their appearance, thinks that the value of surgery is of great importance. Knowing what the total price of the surgery is will help to know if it is an economic possibility to access this treatment. But it is essential to clarify that price is not the factor that should be paid the most attention to when looking for options for hair grafting. Other situations should be considered to ensure an optimal result.

The main thing is to get a good diagnosis, this is the basis of a good hair treatment. This quality analysis can only be carried out by a qualified professional. This expert will be in charge of evaluating the condition of the scalp, the patient's medical history and his habits. In this phase, any disease that may be the cause of alopecia or could complicate the operation in any way will be ruled out.

Two of the best clinics in Madrid to undergo a hair transplant

1- Capilclinic

Capilclinic is a prestigious network of clinics that operates in various parts of Spain and some countries in Europe and America, being one of the most recognized medical centers worldwide. It has a clinic in Madrid, which receives the largest number of patients with alopecia in the country. They offer people a lifetime guarantee that their intervention will be successful, backed by their years of experience.

It is considered by both patients and many doctors as the best hair transplant clinic in Madrid. It has a comfortable infrastructure, where excellent hair services and humane treatment are offered. In addition to this, all the necessary health protocols are maintained to make operations at Capilclinic the safest in the world.

The clinic applies traditional techniques, in combination with its own variants of the FUE and DHI method. Being a pioneer clinic in the application of FUE Sapphire and MIN TIME FUE techniques. Which guarantee that the follicular units will have a greater survival.

2- FueExpert

FueExpert is a medical center dedicated to solving all kinds of problems, both health and aesthetic, that develop in the capillary field. The purpose of all those who live in its facilities is to provide quality care. Therefore, its group of experts is made up of the best specialists. The infrastructure of this institution presents modern facilities, where techniques based on the latest surgical technologies are applied.

All the procedures carried out at FueExpert guarantee first-class care. Patients are cared for by specialists, duly qualified for the treatments they apply, which are carried out following the strictest health standards so that complications are practically nil.

Anyone who chooses FueExpert for their surgery will have the security of receiving a clear and objective diagnosis. In this evaluation, all the possibilities that can lead to the solution of the problem are taken into account.

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