The Spitting Image-are back faces

He does not want to remain the people with "outrageous and ugly" dolls in your memory, said the British artist Roger Law once. Rather "appealing and beautifu

The Spitting Image-are back faces

He does not want to remain the people with "outrageous and ugly" dolls in your memory, said the British artist Roger Law once. Rather "appealing and beautiful" of Chinese art. Now, this might be difficult. Because now there are his outrageous and ugly dolls, which brought the 78-Year-old porcelain-lovers from Norfolk back into the spotlight.

The satirical puppet show "Spitting Image" (on German about: "the spitting image") was from 1984 to 1996, a ratings hit in the British television channel ITV. A Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher), the shaved constantly, the Beard, and the men used the Urinal, a (even then) sex addict Prince Andrew, a Soviet President (Mikhail Gorbachev), on whose forehead the Hammer and sickle were as a birthmark, and a Pope (John Paul II), the Banjo and Texan accent women beguiled, it was the only here.

In all respects to each other The puppets of Melania and Donald Trump tuned:. (Photo: ITV/Reuters)

Queen mother, with a drunkard's voice and always a bottle of Gin in the Hand of her daughter, the Queen, the Rooting in the garbage bin (in search of new clothes) and a resident of the less well-known number 9 Downing Street that reminded them of Adolf Hitler, that was so entertaining that Germany, Austria, Iran, India and 32 other countries with similar puppet shows were trying to your Stars. Just not necessarily with a duration pupsenden media Mogul Murdoch, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, was worried about the Size of his genitals. That was then but British.

In the autumn of the Original in the Cambridge returns to graduates of Roger Law and Peter Fluck with new figures: first in-house production of the streaming service BritBox UK.

New dolls for the "national Shrine"

Roger Law, who worked in the meantime, in Australia and in China as an artist and a really lovely created at the end of an awful harmless porcelain vases, left his doll archive, in the meantime, his former University, including all of the Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Gaddafi. As Executive Producer of the new edition he wanted to increase his meagre pension, he explained tersely.

giant Hoop earrings and ears: The Spitting-Image characters Meghan and Harry. (Photo: ITV/Reuters)

In the UK called "Spitting Image" are not wrong in saying: "national sanctuary". Also, the singer Sting and Phil Collins have worked with the award-winning faces already. Shortly after the 11. September 2001, Roger Law was at Sotheby's, among other things, a doll of Osama bin Laden auction – the proceeds went to victims of terror in the United States and Afghanistan.

the billionaire in a Hoodie: The figure of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Photo: ITV/Reuters)

The presented designs promise Great shot: Harry and Meghan remind you of the mouse and the Monster in "The Gruffalo", Mark Zuckerberg is staring at me right on the psychopathic side, and Vladimir Putin looks like a mix of Hobbit, Houdini, and Christian Grey. Particularly impressive are Donald and Melania Trump, whose dolls of Ernest Shepard's weasel-and-Toad-illustrations in the children's book classic "The Wind in the willows" seem inspired. Since it is possible to hope only, that it is not about Joe Biden wins the upcoming US election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears in the puppet series as a Sado-Maso-dwarf. (Photo: ITV/Reuters)

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