Erdogan and Putin agree on ceasefire in Idlib

Russia and Turkey have agreed on a new calls for a ceasefire in the Syrian rebel stronghold of Idlib. This step shortly after midnight on Friday, said Turkish P

Erdogan and Putin agree on ceasefire in Idlib

Russia and Turkey have agreed on a new calls for a ceasefire in the Syrian rebel stronghold of Idlib. This step shortly after midnight on Friday, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday in Moscow.

The Russian head of state Vladimir Putin said that after about six hours of joint work, a document was created.

The Turkish foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, according to the described briefly some of the Details of the agreement, the guarantee of Russia and Turkey, together with the observance of the ceasefire. You've also have joint patrols from the age of 15. March in the Region, agreed.

in Addition, a security corridor should be established along the main road M4. The established "six miles deep in the North and six miles deep in the South" of the M4.

The M4 runs from the Government's stronghold on the Mediterranean coast in the West of the country on the province of Idlib in the direction of the Northern Syrian city of Aleppo. Because it is strategically important, want to bring the troops of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad under control. What is the purpose of the corridor, remained unclear.

The agreement applies to the part of the M4, which is currently held by rebels. Within the planned corridor cities, from which the government would have to pull the opponent back. Earlier, Turkey and Russia had agreed on a buffer zone in Idlib, which could not, however, prevent a further escalation.

implementation of the Sochi agreement

According to the Russian foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, the weapons along the front line should remain silent in the already with the Sochi agreement of 2018 agreed de-escalation zone. The ministries of defence of both countries wanted to agree in the next seven days of concrete measures, to monitor the ceasefire.

Actually, a weapon in Idlib already rest. In the past few weeks, the Syrian military was, however, with Russian support, in the field advanced. Hundreds of thousands of people to flee currently in front of the Syrian and Russian attacks in the direction of the Turkish border. Both parties to the ceasefire agreement agree that attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure will not be tolerated.

Russia is in the civil war, the protecting power of the Syrian government. The Turkey is supported in the Region of rebels, including Islamist groups. According to an agreement signed with Russia, Turkey has set up in Idlib observation post, had you upgraded with weapons and personnel in the last few weeks solid.

950'000 people in Idlib to escape

Due to the large number of refugees organizations to help come in a short period of time in order to supply the people. The Region around Idlib is one of the last rebel areas in the war-torn country. According to the UN 950'000 of the three million inhabitants of the Region are now on the run.

to open The Turkey from the castle on Thursday, also its southern border with Syria for refugees from Idlib. You could then go even further in the EU, warned interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. "3.5 million people in Idlib and the Turkish border are currently in Need."

New air attacks

circles of the Syrian Opposition reported on Thursday that new air in the province of Idlib at least 14 people have been killed in attacks and 20 wounded.

Erdogan wanted to prevent with his visit to Moscow, that in view of the fighting in Idlib, refugees in Turkey - it has already taken millions of Syrians.

On Saturday, Turkey had opened the border in the direction of the EU. Then, thousands of refugees had made their way to the Turkish-Greek border. Observers believe that Erdogan wanted to put the EU under pressure to contribute to Turkey's assistance and to get more financial aid.


been expected, The Meeting between Erdogan and Putin had been expected in view of the dramatic situation of the refugees in Idlib, and the situation at the EU border with the voltage. Erdogan was accompanied to the state news Agency Anadolu that of a large Delegation, including Minister of defence, Hulusi Akar, and the foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

"I know that the world is watching now," Erdogan said at the opening. He also referred to the good relations between Russia and Turkey. They were "at the peak". Putin and Erdogan had spoken several times in recent weeks about Idlib. However, the situation came to a head.

After the death of at least 34 Turkish soldiers at a Syrian air attack in the past week, Turkey had begun a military offensive against the Syrian military in the Region. Putin expressed his Regret over the death of the soldiers, and took the Syrian army in protection, which is not something I wanted.

talks between Putin and EU President-in-office

The Russian President discussed before the Meeting with Erdogan, according to Kremlin information, with EU Council President Charles Michel, the difficult humanitarian Situation in Idlib. Meanwhile, Putin condemned the aggressive actions of the rebels. Russia gives you the debt to the dramatic refugee situation. (reuters)

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