The large cinema Empty now?

It would have all been ready for: The last appearance of Daniel Craig as James Bond in "No Time to die" and would have brought the Swiss cinemas with a tremen

The large cinema Empty now?

It would have all been ready for: The last appearance of Daniel Craig as James Bond in "No Time to die" and would have brought the Swiss cinemas with a tremendous spring boost. Of these, one was allowed to go out anyway, since the last two Bond films "Spectre" (2015) and "Skyfall" (2012), the country attracted far over a Million visitors in the halls. Of these Numbers, no other Film came close in the last few years, only approximately.

Due to the Corona-crisis, these revenues are now missing. Although they do not quite fall into the water – the movie start of "No Time to die" is "moved" to November 2020, but the cinema operators that does not help over the yawning gap of time. Philippe Täschler, head of the cinema chain Kitag, points out that even a "Harry Potter"Film had been postponed from the autumn in the coming of spring. But he also says: "The situation as it presents itself now, is completely different than the shifts that we are experiencing otherwise, day-to-day business."

"to Me, there is no comparable shift of a film is known, neither Sars nor swine flu."René Gerber, Secretary-General of the Procinema

René Gerber, Secretary-General of Procinema, the Swiss Association for cinema and film hire, which looks similar to: "to Me, there is no comparable shift of a film is known, neither Sars nor swine flu." He now hopes that other distributors with films not to jump into the breach, so that the Bond canvases (the Film would be estimated to run out in 250 halls attached to) stay black.

CHF 100'000 loss in Freiburg

Black, the canvases remain definitely at the film festival of Freiburg (20.-28. March), the announced yesterday evening its cancellation. At this Festival last year, were counted in the 42'000 admissions. How does it look like in the case of an event of this size? Philippe Clivaz, operational Director of the festival, says: "We are losing revenue from ticket sales. Other costs can be saved, so the Hotel and accommodation costs in General and for the cinema rent." In order to compensate for a large part of the cancellation losses. Of the public and private partners so far no one had withdrawn the support. "The bottom line is nevertheless, an estimated loss of 100'000 Swiss francs will remain."

these days, it is Expected also in the case of the regular cinemas. Across the country, the rule that events with more than 1000 persons are prohibited currently. This would not affect cinema operators, since the number of seats in the halls are not added together. At the cantonal level, it looks confusing, however: Currently, the 999 people in a cinema hall should, for example, in Lausanne, Switzerland, in Basel, max 200 are allowed in Aargau 150 and in Chur, only 50. This provincial pushes spirit to a broad lack of understanding is understandable. A uniform regulation with respect to risk assessment by the Federal government for events with less than 1000 people calls, would also be urgently needed. Philippe Täschler says: "Since we have to wait until the individual cantons publish your effective guidelines."

How he is as a cinema operator, with the current Earnings? "On the current insurance situation, I can't make any statements." Täschler, however, to bear in mind that insurance against pandemics are likely to play in the future for companies around the world have an important role.

What happens with "Mulan" and "Black Widow"?

Such thoughts, at present, also in Hollywood. The big question is: Will follow the leading Studios in the model of James Bond and the launch of their large-scale productions move? The focus of Disney is first. With "Mulan" (estimated Start: end of March) and the Avengers movie "Black Widow" (at the end of April) has been the industry leader in two potential Blockbuster on the international launch pad.

more important is "Mulan". The real film adaptation of the cartoon classic is tailored on the basis of its subject matter, and the Chinese actress Liu Yifei specifically to the Asian market. According to the industry magazine "The Hollywood Reporter" has confirmed this to be a Disney speaker, in the meantime, that the start date of the "Mulan" to stay in the United States unchanged. At the same time, this spokesman said, however, that "Mulan" will come in some countries, later in the cinemas. This is likely to affect China, Japan and South Korea, but also Italy and Iran.

One can well imagine that now days, in the other Hollywood-in-chief, the Figures of the cinema markets with those of the Coronavirus cases matched. And then the international Release plans in the near future massively shaken. Whether and how this also applies to Switzerland, at present, it is not possible to estimate. You can just hold: In contrast to other culture local in this country have opened all of the cinemas still.

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Updated Date: 05 March 2020, 21:03

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