Blockchain to guarantee the authenticity of the Shirts of the FC St. Gallen

For years, the Blockchain is said-technology is a great potential advance. But so far, they remained in the niche, in daily life, you met people as good as neve

Blockchain to guarantee the authenticity of the Shirts of the FC St. Gallen

For years, the Blockchain is said-technology is a great potential advance. But so far, they remained in the niche, in daily life, you met people as good as never. Is a Swiss football club could change that now.

The FC St. Gallen has recently started on the Blockchain technology, in order to guarantee the uniqueness of limited edition and special merchandise. The announces Sandro Dal Farra, head of the digital division at FC St. Gallen. The Blockchain is a kind of distributed database, which allows you to crypto many trading currencies transactions. The transactions can be processed without intermediaries such as banks are safe.

phone reads Chip

The project of the FC St. Gallen is already far advanced: In the spring of the first limited-edition jerseys for sale. The Shirts are provided with a NFC-Chip (Near Field Communication) and bear the name of a player who has in the past contributed significantly to the success of the Association and, therefore, a legend status enjoys. With today's Smartphones, Fans can read the Chip and on the information in the immutable Blockchain to access, which guarantees the authenticity, as David Geisser of the company CollectID explained in Goldach.

This company provides the technical interface between the Blockchain and merchandise safe. CollectID is also with major European football clubs in contact, which would follow the project with interest. In the other European leagues there is still nothing comparable, so much Geisser white.

Trouble with the anniversary jerseys

The new technology is also intended to avoid resentment among Fans of the FC St. Gallen a year ago, has experienced, when he sold to the 140-anniversary anniversary jerseys. At the time, was actually intended to limit the number of these bibs to 500 pieces. But the demand was so great that the football club had to manufacture 900 pieces. This is much to the Annoyance of some Fans. "Shame on you! People stood in line for hours out in Faith to purchase something Limited, and in the next few days, anyone can order the online," commented at the time, a supporter of the FC St. Gallen as a reaction to the Facebook-side of his favorite club. With the Blockchain technology, any merchandise can be a unchangeable serial assign.

it would be Conceivable, for example, that Fans get to the important Play-worn Shirts. Or that after the Scan of the jerseys on the mobile phone, exclusive digital content, such as, for example, Interviews or Videos to be unlocked.

The guarantee of authenticity of the FC St. Gallen is one of several projects running with the CollectID App on the platform of the Blockchain Trust Solutions AG, based in Herisau. The company is for the Blockchain to be responsible. On Board, the electricity producer Axpo, the most reliable network is used Blunet's. The center is located in the caverns of the Axpo at the Limmern dam. "Our network is running even in case of power outages or breakdowns in other telecommunications networks," says Toni Caradonna of Blockchain Trust Solutions.

Hype and disillusionment

On the first Hype about the Blockchain technology and disillusionment in the past few months, wide. The Blockchain-industry has not made it to today, to implement projects that are met with wide acceptance. On the platform of the Blockchain Trust Solutions AG is interesting that here are a number of projects go through a Thought experiment, and commercial implementation. Already Hofa is started, for example,"". In this project, a London gallery interested can invest from £ 300 to in art. You buy a share of a plurality of images of young artists, such as Caradonna explained. If the prices shoot one of these artists later on through the ceiling, you could pay off the Investment.

Container with servers for the Blockchain, which is found in the cavern of the Axpo at the Limmern dam. Photo: PD

In another project, it goes to the moon wood, the wood, the beat at certain times and on the Blockchain accordingly, it is certified. In a completely different direction, the Bernese Comfone AG, solutions offers worldwide Roaming goes. Their managing Director Daniel Heutschi, there are possibilities of contracts with foreign operators on the Blockchain to handle. Still open to the acceptance by the customers. "We are now testing," says Heutschi.

In contrast to other well-known block chains such as Ethereum, or Bitcoin, the Blockchain Trust Solutions AG operates with a global network of unknown people, the computing power available. Instead, only Swiss companies and institutions such as Axpo, the University of applied Sciences in St. Gallen and others are involved. Currently, there are 21 farms with make. The goal is to increase the number to 60 to 100. This concept is called Proof-of-Authority. The classic Ethereum and Bitcoin work after the Proof-of-Work-principle. While the latter are for their large power consumption is known, users the way when you mentioned the Swiss provider with an annual electricity bill of 45 Swiss francs, as Toni Caradonna says.

weak point?

The Zug Blockchain expert André cloud logs but in terms of safety concerns: "A worldwide network with a large number of participants as in the case of Ethereum or Bitcoin is the first, what it is," he says. In the case of a network with a small number of identifiable participants, there was a risk, however, that these in a targeted manner and, for example, money might be affected. It Caradonna contends that manipulations leave a data trail, and the responsible institutions could be identified and held accountable.

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