The bitter end, the former favorite of Elizabeth Warren

As for Elizabeth Warren well, she was celebrated by her followers for their Slogan: "I have a plan for that". Warren had for each topic, a Plan, and in Gene

The bitter end, the former favorite of Elizabeth Warren

As for Elizabeth Warren well, she was celebrated by her followers for their Slogan: "I have a plan for that". Warren had for each topic, a Plan, and in General, this Plan was very progressive and very detailed. She spoke always of the "big ideas" and the "structural change" that the country need as an answer to Donald Trump. That made it a favourite in the battle for the democratic presidential nomination.

the Senator had a Plan of how they wanted to win this candidacy. However, in the implementation of it has failed. On Thursday, the 70-fought-Year-old with the tears when she announced in front of their house in Boston, that she gives up her election campaign.

It is a bitter end for Warren – an end that had not been necessarily. Even in the late autumn, she had led the polls among the Democrats. Came to their performances to thousands of followers each. In the early pre-election States, they had significantly more staff than their rivals, and with the exception of Bernie Sanders, no other candidate could. so many donations as you take

The sexism Problem

But then she got increasingly into the sights of their opponents, and their support began to wane. The first area code in Iowa, you still managed to pull in a respectable third place, but better it was for you. On Super Tuesday, you even brought in your home state of Massachusetts less votes than Joe Biden and Sanders.

The former Harvard Professor was regarded in democratic circles as one of the most competent Applicants. Has hurt her to the view of many commentators, that you stand as a woman under greater scrutiny than their male counterparts. As a woman you had been told all her life that she was too loud and too aggressive, said Warren sometimes at campaign appearances.

trillion dreams

early on, it was also compared with the Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, from the it differs, however, is political. Unlike Clinton, who is the epitome of the democratic Establishment, stand Warren always clear on the left. The core of its programme the fight against economic inequality and corruption. Their most popular claim was that rich, a wealth tax for the super.

Whether sexist pattern alone Warren's decline to explain, is questionable. A turning point in your campaign was when you wanted to connect for the introduction of a national health insurance for all uttered, and so with the abolition of the private health insurance companies. The costs you estimated 20 trillion dollars. After criticism from fashion rivals such as Pete Buttigieg rates you tried, your Position, to weaken your harm, in turn, at the left of the trailers. In addition, Warren was always very popular with white Democrats with a College degree, but among Blacks and Latinos, as well as in the case of workers, they never reached great popularity.

Who recommended Warren for the election?

After Warren's retreat, the question will be, whether it is in favour of a remaining candidate is. You haven't decided yet, she said on Thursday, and it will take still take time. She led with Bernie Sanders, as well as with Joe Biden phone calls. Both men hope to get from Warren is a choice recommendation, which could shape the further course of the election campaign. To whom the voices of Warren's followers in the coming primaries will go, is difficult to say. In a survey conducted by the Morning Consult, 43 percent of Warren supporters proclaimed as a second choice, Bernie Sanders, 36 percent of tend to be Joe Biden.

With Sanders Warren to connect to many policy objectives, especially with regard to the economic policy. So both are calling for tighter regulation and break-up of Big-Tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. In the course of the election campaign, the tone between the two politicians, however, was more hateful. Supporters of Sanders threw Warren to the left of the Senator on Super Tuesday in several States crucial votes taken away. With Biden, Warren connects, however, that both of them were in the government of Barack Obama, He, as Vice-President, as the first leader of a newly created consumer protection Agency for the financial sector.

she hated goodbyes, said Warren, as she opened her employees on Thursday that it was discontinuing her campaign. But you have learned that this is a farewell was forever. You will no longer be a presidential candidate, but the battle was not at an end: "We will continue to make. Great ideas never die."

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