Apparently, she had been crying

Sheila, what the hell is going on with Schawinski? "I cursed myself for my betrayal and my incomprehensible stupidity." The Roger Schawinski writes in his new

Apparently, she had been crying

Sheila, what the hell is going on with Schawinski? "I cursed myself for my betrayal and my incomprehensible stupidity." The Roger Schawinski writes in his new book. The media pioneer is shown in The "Schawinski-method" – a wild Mix of a counselor, autobiography and indictment – unusually self-critical.

Not only he repents for his favorite club FC Zurich betrayed by he had sponsored GC. He also describes a verpatztes interview and his small lute return to Zurich, after he had reported for use in the Israeli army, this had no use for him.

mild in old Age of 74 is not become a-Year-old nevertheless. His book is permeated by the schawinskinesken Drive – those vital, competitive, very American attitude to life, you either find great, or hate. That he had as a media entrepreneur great success, is undeniable. Also, Zurich is the only Swiss Journalist, who became with his work, really rich.

crash with Wappler

And Roger Schawinski is a daredevil before the Lord. In the book he attacked the SRF-Director: Nathalie Wappler, who has deleted his Talk from the program. Schawinski is struggling still with this decision, quoting from a mail exchange with Wappler – a gross breach of trust. In this Mail Wappler explained, her predecessor, Ruedi Matter I want to settle "Schawinski" already, and you could well understand. The Deposed criticized Wapplers defence as "devoid of content". And he's right: The advanced constraints are not a convincing explanation. The production was cheap, the rate is pretty good. Schawinski comes to the conclusion that the setting of the Format to be part of a fashionable Diversity-ideology, which would like to establish Wappler in Leutschenbach.

he has no fundamental grudge against women, this statement is the author is important. Detail in Schawinski told how he had gained as Sat-1-chief of the Satirikerin Engelke Anke a Late-Night Show. He did not want to then to profile as a woman promoter, but Engelke "just for the most talented and thus the most qualified Person in the country" held. However, satellite 1 was the broadcast again soon. Engelke had not been able to deal with the resistors, writes Schawinski, and portrays a dramatic scene in the dressing room: "Apparently, she had been crying."

Roger Schawinski notes a fundamental gender difference: women would capitulate in the face of difficulty often faster than men. "When problems arise, to deprive many of them of an annoying dispute, and give up quite quickly." Schawinski from this finding seems to assume that his life is sufficient experience as the empirical Basis.

Male counterparties of older or of more recent days, the Schawinski attacked in the book: CVP-man Filippo Lombardi, HSG Professor Johannes Rüegg-Stürm, Roger Köppel, also a number of journalists. Ambivalent Schawinski Johnny Depp, which have increased with its "largely uncomplicated, but extremely successful" cinema-series "Pirates of the Carribean", the "cool" Image of the pirates, "immeasurably" – Schawinski was as a "radio pirate" is nationally known.

A "Rule Breaker"

Would be Roger Schawinski a philosopher, he was a representative of the radical induction. His problems are always problems of the General public. So Schawinski sees himself as a typical "Rule Breaker", which is tied back in a typical "Rule Makers" (less important: the "Rule Takers"). As an example, Schawinski calls the refusal of the Golf clubs in the Zurich luxury hotel Dolder, to take him in – even though he had clearly stated on its merits as a successful entrepreneur, the title of doctor, etc. Another proof of the hostility of the "Rule Makers" for Schawinski that with almost 50 years is still not a Board of Directors mandate was offered, although he had proved themselves in the market for a long time.

Entertaining this angriffige book is definitely. If it's any good as a counselor, however, is questionable. Many of the tips are vague, such as the "180-degree" method, which ultimately means nothing other than: Do it different than the others, and I have a brilliant idea. Other tips appear to be rather self-evident. For example, that companies should deal fairly with their employees. Or that the chief must be a role model. For more advice, in turn, are such specific that you are likely to benefit only a few readers something. So schawinski's tips on how to give the best talk show: "As an Interviewer, or interviewer, you should grab never two questions in one." In these passages, it seems as Schawinski would coach themselves.

but That is no Problem at all. Because Roger Schawinski is unique and completely copied.

Roger Schawinski: The Schawinski method. Recipes for success of a pioneer. NZZ Libro, Zürich 2020. 180 p., 30 Fr.

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