Stade Rochelais: We're going to put the Star on the Jersey!"

"Crazy game, crazy stuff!" We woke up at 4:30 AM to go, but we had no choice.

Stade Rochelais: We're going to put the Star on the Jersey!"

"Crazy game, crazy stuff!" We woke up at 4:30 AM to go, but we had no choice. We saw you as a loser. But now, we are going to wear the star on our shirts.

Ludovic Verdier was not the only one who cried out at the end of the Stade-Velodrome's final whistle. Rochelais is not the only one. The yellow and black flags created a fiery atmosphere among the Montpellierans. We support a French team like that, which is a great team, even though we're not from La Rochelle. It was also a great match," Alexis said, Stade jersey on his back, despite being from Marseille.

Jean-Rene Leblanc, his daughter Camille Robin, will not forget this Saturday, May 28th. They deserve it. This is a fantastic team. Tomorrow on the Old Port it will be madness!

Dominique Bobe was from Barbezieux (Charente), and he had tears in his eyes. "It's huge... But it's so much happiness! But what happiness!" It's cruel. It's cruel to lose like that in the final minutes. The best one won, "confided one" of them, his sad gaze resting upon the joyous scene of the players at the cup presentation.

The thousands of supporters who had traveled from all over the country gave their support throughout the match. At the Velodrome, "la Marseillaise," was heard twice.

We are the Champions! We are the Champions! We are, ..." At the last whistle on Saturday, an immense clamor inundated La Rochelle. It was like a liberation. A breath we can take back after many oppressive minutes. PUSH! PUSH! To accompany the yellow or black to the goal line.

Place de la petite Sirene in Gabut is where the hearts beat very strongly. It is an explosion of joy. The large screen is obscured by smoke bombs, which are placed in an area of yellow and then red. Pastis and beer flow from the pitchers and cups to the sky. It is suddenly raining from happiness.

Many hundred people, including young ones, were present on the ground as well as on the passageways that make it look like a small stadium. To respect the perfect silence of Ihaia West and not embarrass him, I went so far as to do so.

It smells like sweat. It is filled with empty glasses and strong emotions. The Old Port is where the crowd congregates in victory. "Ro-che-lais, come on, come on, come on!" "Here, here, it's La-Ro-chelle!" Many thousands of people resound with joy along the towers. One, two, thirty, or forty young people quickly jumped into the port water to applause. The grain is being rescued by the rescuers. The horns ring around. The party begins. The night promises to be magical.