Bordeaux: Bacalan is full of dogs

They were everywhere.

Bordeaux: Bacalan is full of dogs

They were everywhere. Two friends, Soizik Elbaz (bedecked in "unicorn") buoys, parade along with their dogs at the Canine Parade organized by the project "L'Odyssee du Possible", from the association Les Vivres de l'art. Athos and Pang'a, weighing 58 and 50 kilos, are at their feet and draw a few glances. Soizik tells curious children that they are Newfoundlands. They are cute and rarely bark. They can be touched! You don't have to pray for toddlers.

The festival offered a parade on Saturday May 28 and the friends jumped at the opportunity. Gaetane exclaims, "We play this game thoroughly." The journey was difficult for a 50-kilo dog, who was on a leash and had a unicorn buoy attached to his waist. Bordeaux women dressed their dogs in rescue dog suits. Soizik says that the Newfoundland is unique in having all four webbed feet. He is a great swimmer, and he can swim faster than he can run.

Pang'a, Athos and others are getting ready for their parade in front of a few hundred people. Ludmilla Pons (in charge of mediation) and Ninon Boyer (in charge of development, public relations and marketing), are thrilled: "We were capable of attracting people from all across Bordeaux," says Ludmilla. It is a great achievement. The project was originally intended to accompany Francois Beaune's book "Les sentes des Bassins". This work is a mix of fiction and history that reveals the untold past of the district.

It's time to get results. Pang'a, Athos and Athos are the winners of a voucher to take a professional photo. Soizik says, "We came not to win, but show off this breed." Gaetane, his companion, adds that "afterwards we don't refuse this gift." Tomorrow, the Bordelaises will be able, among other things to, take part in an original oyster petanque. The key word remains the same. Have a good time, but don't take yourself too seriously.