Marta Torrejón: «A part of society has learned to respect us»

Barcelona play this Saturday the final of the women's Champions League against Olympique de Lyon.

Marta Torrejón: «A part of society has learned to respect us»

Barcelona play this Saturday the final of the women's Champions League against Olympique de Lyon. A victory would mean the second consecutive trophy and confirmation in Europe. Marta Torrejón (Mataró, 1990) analyzes the final, the evolution of women's football and her career.

-You can win your second Champions League, you who have lived through the toughest time in women's football...

-I wouldn't say the hardest. We must not forget that before me there have been other pioneers who have had it much more raw than us. It is true that when I started it is not what it is now. I have lived the evolution for the better. It wasn't easy to be able to play soccer or for there to be women's teams, but those who came before me had it much more complicated.

The road has been hard but it has been beautiful and the important thing is that it has gotten better, that we are here to stay, that people are starting to respect us and listen to us.

-Do you feel that evolution on a day-to-day basis?

Yes, society has learned to respect us. There is no absolute equality but much of society more.

-What is missing to achieve that absolute equality?

-We're on that. The press needs to lend us a hand so that we can be seen. Not all games are televised... there are always things to do and improve. I hope that little by little it will be better, although it is much better than when I started. There are always things to improve even when we are at the top level.

-Is it difficult to think that they are forced to win continuously?

-It is not that we are forced, but it goes with this shirt. We go out every game to win. And in Turin we will also go out for all.

- Where do you get your motivation from?

-We are talking about a Champions League. Motivation could not be higher, but not only in me for all the years it may take, but from the youngest to the oldest. We are talking about a Champions League and we must also assess the path and what it costs to reach the final. The illusion is maximum.

-Does the social recognition of women's football come through victory?

-It's a help. We are heard and seen more when we win titles. We have begun to be heard and seen more when the national team and at club level have begun to win titles and qualify for World Cups. Everything that is winning and adding successes helps people recognize us a little more.

-Does the massive movement of fans put pressure on you?

-No pressure, the more that come from our people, the better. We want our audience to join us and support us. We need you and it is a joy for us.

-Last year they won the Champions League with an empty pitch...

-It was a shame that due to the pandemic we could not enjoy it with our people but we are going to give everything so that this year it happens again.

-How much has Barcelona grown since the 2019 final, in which it was swept by Lyon?

-Throughout these two or three years we have shown that this team is much more mature, has grown and competes against the great European powers. We have won our first Champions League, we have managed to beat teams that we would not have been able to before, like PSG last year or Wolfsburg a few weeks ago. It is more than proven that this team is fighting for the top of Europe and the world and we are going for it.

-So much that they are favorites...

-It is a feeling more outside than inside the team. We are talking about a Lyon that has I don't know how many Champions behind it, which is one of the best teams in Europe and in the world. Barça, for now, only has one. The important thing is that we're doing things right, we're getting our chance and we're going for the second one.

-Do you have any memories of that 2019 final?

I remember very well. The match starts and in the first ten minutes we were already 2-0. We had more control in the second half and were able to score a goal. It was a turning point.

-Winning that second Champions does it open a change of cycle?

-Cycle change? I do not know. As it has not yet been achieved... If it is achieved, yes, but that is already big words and going further. We have to win on Saturday, focus on that and take that final first.

-How do you prepare for a final? Change something?

-The important thing is not to change. What we've been doing all season is what's worked for us and what's gotten us here. Changing would be a mistake. You have to plan the match working on the same concepts without going crazy. Enjoy it, because it costs a lot to arrive, and prepare it as best as possible in terms of the rival.

-Did the wake-up call with Wolfsburg come in handy?

-Yes. You learn both from victories and defeats but from defeats more. Knowing that if you don't give one hundred percent and don't come out on top from the beginning, no matter how well you've done before, these teams can run over you or make things difficult for you. That touch of attention was good for us not to relax, to know that we have to go out one hundred percent.

What do you plan to do when you retire?

-I do not know yet. I just renewed for two more years and I'm calm. I have my degree in biology and we will see what doors open..


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