Marlaska, booed by those attending the swearing-in of the 36th police promotion in Ávila

Between boos, whistles and shouts of "out, out.

Marlaska, booed by those attending the swearing-in of the 36th police promotion in Ávila

Between boos, whistles and shouts of "out, out." This is how the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, was received in Ávila by those attending the swearing-in of the new class of National Police officers. It has not only been upon his arrival, during the speech the same images have been repeated, a fact to which the minister has wanted to reduce weight.

The discontent and the protest after the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, used the nickname "tweets" to refer to the agents deployed in the protests in Catalonia on 1-O. It is the same name used by the independentistas, because the cruise ship in which the policemen were staying was decorated with images of Looney Tunes.

Among them, Tweety.

At the event, in addition to relatives and friends of the graduates, but also members of the Jupol union, who wanted to remind the minister that they continue to demand equal pay with the regional security forces.

The head of the Interior has downplayed the boos and has assured the press that "he accepts everything" although he defends that there have been "few" whistles. "The important thing has been all the applause that has silenced those whistles," he said.

Grande-Marlaska addressed the applause of the public after finishing his speech "to those who have approved" access to the police force. “Today is his day, it is his party”, she has emphasized in reference to the new agents.

The Minister of the Interior has disassociated the complaints from the public at the Ávila event about the words of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, about the "sending of tweets" during 1-O. "They are false controversies and I quickly responded," he has defended himself, and has attributed that controversy to the PP, who says that "he still feels guilty for what he did with the Police for seven years."

“We remember all the images. They are some ships in the Port of Barcelona where our men and women, in difficult times that required extra effort and demand, were not treated with the necessary dignity that their Government should treat them, as a representative of Spanish society» , has continued during the words to the press.

«It is the shame of the PP, which still has that shame that it does not know how to get rid of: we all saw how it treated our police; I would never allow that and », he concluded, referring to the wage increase of «25% on average» for police and civil guards or the recovery of more than 10,000 troops.


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