Citizens look into the abyssal of disappearance

Citizens are at risk of being displaced.

Citizens look into the abyssal of disappearance

Citizens are at risk of being displaced. Six years after his hope of irruption in national politics, Tuesday saw the Madrid Assembly remain empty. It was not a good idea that Ines Arrimadas gave Edmundo Bal her number two in Congress to help her secure at least 5 percent of the votes necessary to get into it. The oranges have gone from being co-chairs of the regional government to complete irrelevance in 54 days. The State attorney said that the oranges were facing a terrible result, not only for citizens, but also for the Spanish people. He was supported by the whole management.

Ciudadanos only managed to get 12.9,000 votes, which is a mere 3.5%. These votes are six times lower than the support it received in 2019, when it was able to collect almost 630,000 votes and 19.5% Citizen votes. It became the third force within the Madrid Parliament. It went from 26 to zero, a devastating blow. Bal, an emotional Bal, acknowledged that "we have not been in a position to convince people." He insisted that we have not communicated the importance of the central political party.

Arrimadas's inherited Albert Rivera project is now in grave peril. Ciudadanos is in a tailspin since the 10-N disaster. The formation went from 57 deputies to ten in that election. Next came the Galicians, who did not win any seats in the July election last year, and the Basques in August of that same year. They were able to obtain two representatives through the PP Cs formula.

With the Catalan elections in which they lost 30 deputies simultaneously, the party's decline was even more severe. The failed motion in Murcia ended the party's short-lived history of crisis and left them out two regional governments. "Tomorrow, we will get up to continue working at the same thing," said the orange candidate. He is already looking ahead to the 2023 regional elections. They will again find Ciudadanos. He predicted that it would return to the Government.

Arrimadas' leadership is further weakened by the slip in Madrid. He has already been heavily criticised for his poor role in the Catalan elections as well as for the Murcia fiasco. Although they did not anticipate what would happen if data didn't accompany them, many people believe the leader should leave. Arrimadas has no plans to leave, at least not for the time. They claim that Arrimadas has only been in office for 13 years and has not left.

Everyone in the party can agree on one thing: Bal has worked himself to exhaustion during the campaign. They believe that the Ciudadanos brand is being damaged and that the Congress deputy spokesperson - who didn't leave his seat because of the poor demographic forecasts- has played his part with solvency.

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