Luis Enrique: "I don’t see any other team that handles the ball as well as us."

Luis Enrique is extremely satisfied with the Spanish team's personality, no matter what opponent they face.

Luis Enrique: "I don’t see any other team that handles the ball as well as us."

Luis Enrique is extremely satisfied with the Spanish team's personality, no matter what opponent they face. "What we do with the ball is something you should emphasize. There is no other team who handles the ball as well as we do. Nobody gave a damn that we had the ball better than Italy in the European Championship. In the preview of the duel against Czech Republic (corresponding to the second day of League of Nations), he highlighted what we can do without the ball but also with it, regardless of who the rival is."

Spain is looking to make up the difference after Thursday's tie at the Benito Villamarin and keep the pulse of Czech Republic, which is the leader of the group following the Central European team's victory over Switzerland at the Sinobo Stadium, Prague. We expect a difficult game due to the level of competition and the quality of the teams. Although they were promoted from League B, the Czech Republic have shown they are capable of beating anyone. They are a courageous team and it will cost us. They defend well. The Spanish coach said that there is no single team in any competition and even less in this one.

The setbacks that Belgium and France suffered on the first day of League of Nations were cited by the Spaniard as an example of equality in football today, where chimes rule the day. The coach said that football has changed, but he still cherished the tournaments that were more friendly than the ones he used to play in. He explained that he prefers these types of games and the competitions that allow him to grow.

He praised the goalkeepers Unai Simon and Robert Sanchez, who he brought together for the June window. I'm looking for three goalkeepers to start, and I believe I have them. It wouldn't be a problem for any of them to play, which is difficult. Unai has a fascinating background and is a wealth of experience. The goalkeeper is the one who initiates the game, creates superiority for us and then saves us when they reach our destination. He also has to be the one who controls the air game. To transmit peace and calmness to me, I need a goalkeeper. It does not have to fail. Football is full of errors. He said that he likes the results they produce for him.

He also spoke highly of his strikers' work when Spain doesn't have the ball. This is one of the key factors to applying pressure after a loss, which Fernando Santos, the Portuguese coach, described as La Roja's main asset. All the forwards that we call up must have clear conditions. They must be the first defender and run like mad. Without the ball, they must also have a bestial attitude. They are essential to the national team's defensive performance," Luis Enrique said.

He was kind to Marco Asensio, another surprise on the list. He is a player with an exceptional ability with the ball at a top world level. Marco's ability to strike is something that only six other players can match. Football has many more opportunities. He still has a chance. This is how we inform, sharing our insights. Although he didn't participate in the first game, there are three more. He is one of the top cubes worldwide and he will be there to help the national team just like his teammates who stayed. Marco could be one of them, he stated about the Real Madrid winger.

He stood up for Marcos Llorente and he will continue to keep his memory of him in mind, even though he hasn't shined as brightly in the past campaigns. He is a player of high physical ability who can play in many positions. This is an invaluable asset, as well as an exceptional technical level. You must have a high standard to be able to play in the Spanish midfield. He fits that profile and is helping us. He also pointed out the versatility of Atletico footballer.

When asked about his bets for players such as Pedri and Gavi, he reiterated that the block is still open for Qatar's World Cup. "I haven't discovered penicillin. If I find something I like, I'm happy. It is not difficult to place a bet on Pedri. Gavi is just being true to your thoughts when you see him. I'm open to any player who can help us, depending on how he performs. He analyzed that there was always some surprise.

Luis Enrique was the last to make the most of the press conference. He was asked if it was possible for him to understand that a Nadal win in the Roland Garros final would put the national team behind. "What a problem. He should win the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth and any other ones he desires. Rafa Nadal's beauty is not his wins, but the fact that he loses. This is what makes Rafa Nadal so special. It is an honor that Nadal represents this country. There is plenty of room for everyone from there, he said.