Casado: "Madrid made a motion for democratic censure against Sanchismo."

It is not a new fact that the PP governs Madrid again.

Casado: "Madrid made a motion for democratic censure against Sanchismo."

It is not a new fact that the PP governs Madrid again. This is because it has done so continuously since Alberto Ruiz Gallardon joined the Royal Post Office in 2015. The Conservatives have added up to five absolute majority members in this period. The emergence Isabel Diaz Ayuso is of extraordinary importance because of the global impact of her victory. Pablo Casado's happiness on the balcony at Genoa last night shows that this victory has been interpreted in a national way. This will be the first step for the conservatives to challenge the government presidency. "Madrid has moved for democratic censure of sanchismo," declared the popular leader.

Yesterday saw the first major political victory for the president of the PP. He was joined by Ayuso who Casado had appointed as a candidate in the community in 2019. Although Galicia was swept by the popular ones two years ago it is not true. However, Feijoo has that merit and Genoa knows it. The president received the pending invoices yesterday. Sanchez was the sender. He insisted that this was the answer to his pacts against Bildu and Catalan independenceists. In red, the future president sat beside her and said: "Today, a new chapter starts in the history Spain."

Ayuso is the architect behind the PP's 'high'. She claimed last night that the Madrid ideology she had created was hers and that it would continue to be a battering ram for Moncloa. Sanchez was referred to by Sanchez. She said that Sanchez had "won harmony" and "has lost opulence, hypocrisy and glories." His days are over.

After the euphoria is over, a period for reflection is now imposed upon the PP. Ayuso's win marks a turning point in the national strategy, and Casado's leadership will be put to the test. Seven months ago, the popular president had announced a shift in order to regain centrality. However, this may be canceled due to the 'Ayuso Effect' and the pull of Casado's vehement speech.

The noble floors of Genova Street had set a double goal for the 4-M. Recovering the leadership from the PSOE in 2019 and approaching the percentages votes from the golden age Esperanza Aguirre, which was largely achieved. Bipartisanship was the norm in those days. Yesterday there were six games. The other goal was to prevent Casado's defeat from Ayuso winning. That remains to be seen.

Events are dragging the president of the PP along in a direction that is opposite to the one he announced in autumn. Casado's "so far have we come" statement to Abascal in his motion for censure could be blurred by the first change. Although Ayuso would prefer to be alone in the governance of his country, he has not denied Vox support when necessary. Solfa also includes a commitment to moderate speech. Casado had already linked his future with Ayuso's in March by supporting the motto "communism, freedom" - "freedom has won", he insists yesterday. It is clear that the PP candidate has not been represented by any of the centrality-embedded barons.

An ex-popular leader claims that the crossroads to the presidency were obvious long ago. "If Ayuso loses, Genoa loses, but if she wins it is her who emerges stronger because she has carved her own profile that is success." This is why there are now doubts about Casado's course, as the president's model assumes that Sanchez will continue to be a threat.

After the summer, the following key dates will be available for the PP. President Moreno Bonilla acknowledged Monday that Andalusian elections could be moved forward to benefit from the Madrid wave. After the Catalonia electoral disaster, it is time to end the Casado convention. It is likely to take an ideological turn. However, Madrid could change everything. It leaves Ayuso as the scout for the organic leadership, if the party doesn't fuel.

The PP's national leadership has assured that yesterday's victory in Madrid would be the "zero kilometer of positive change in Spain." This was an attempt to suggest that 4-M is the start of the unification of the center-right. It is the only way to defeat Sanchez. In the face of all the excitement, there are those in the party who warn against the error of extrapolating from the 'Ayuso' model to Spain and replicating it. Madrid is Madrid. They remember that Feijoo is the absolute majority in Galicia and has a conflicting style. "We should learn that we can win when we have a project defined instead of being against it alone."

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