Where the public lives in Zurich stops

The Federal government intensified on Friday, the rules for the Sport, gastronomy and event area in Switzerland. The visitors-the maximum limit for events is no

Where the public lives in Zurich stops

The Federal government intensified on Friday, the rules for the Sport, gastronomy and event area in Switzerland. The visitors-the maximum limit for events is now at 100 people. Restaurants are limited to 50 people, staff included. Many associations and companies were after the publication of the rules before the election, to close or make changes. What to expect in Zurich in the coming weeks and months:

– sports
night life
– Other


The national Museum includes up to 4. April. The Kunsthaus only temporarily, its doors tight. While the Museum on the 14. 15. March is closed, decides the line of whether may be the beginning of next week, a partial Opening of some of the rooms, or exhibitions would be possible.

The Zurich-based Opera house says all performances until 30. April. In order for the house to follow the guidelines of the Federal Council, which had just been in a press conference published, writes the Opera house.

The Theater Neumarkt provides up to 30. April his complete-game operation. Tickets already bought can be exchanged. The internal operation should continue.

The entire operation of the merchants is set to the end of April quite. This also applies to the Club.


All the city sports facilities are closed until further notice. This includes all sports halls, sports equipment and all the indoor pools and swimming facilities in the city. When this is complete closure, can not say that the sports Department yet.

The gym of Indigo fitness remains open. In the current unsettled situation of 100 people in the Studio, the employees were never even close. It was now, very carefully to count how many people enter the Studio and leave. Also, the fitness chain Basefit preparing for drastic measures. On Friday, a template went out to the Studio closing to all of the Basefit Clubs. There, the visitor would have to pay regularly the 100-person limit, so employees of the Zurich branches. Also, the Studio active fitness at Stauffacher is concerned, the visit to exceed the clear figures of the 100-person limit. There are limitations, however, remains under the Entrance open.

Gastro -

In the Restaurant Rooftop on the Bahnhofstrasse and in the pumping station at the Utoquai, the staff of Michel Péclard carried away on the afternoon of tables and chairs. "Friday night will be in any of our Local more than 50 people in attendance – including staff," says the gastro entrepreneurs. The farms he has already signed up for the short-time work. The same thing he advises all small businesses.

Also, the big catering company Bindella has pre-applied for short-time working as managing Director Rudi Bindella says. Its operations would comply with the new directives of the Federal government strict. A question for him, however, is open: the number of 50 people, including employees, who may be in a Restaurant here – regardless of the area and number of storeys. Depending on the Restaurant, sales dropped in the last two weeks 10 to 30 percent.

Equal to Gabriela Hammer from the Meal argued . She is irritated that small and large Restaurants, will be treated equally. The Armoury in the basement usually offers 250 guests. "We would have to reduce by half, would sit the guests, already far apart," she says. The Zeughaus Keller had suffered in the past two weeks, a decline in Sales of 30 percent to 40 percent.

the tradition of local crown hall close to the end of April its doors. The Bar also closes.


The Zurich-based six ring is cancelled. "In a move with Böögg burning is not think, under these conditions," says Victor Rosser from the Central Committee of the guilds of Zurich in the NZZ. The Feast would have at 20. April place.

the Circus Knie is Affected . He says the Premiere and moves a part of the tour. Of which, among other things, Rapperswil, and Winterthur are affected. Zurich. Thanks to the good hearing with the city of Rapperswil-Jona of the space may be used at the moment to "Endure" until further notice. The circus will pay for the Tickets for the events return.

night life

most of The Clubs in the city of your operation. Also, the Club future close to the end of April. "Economically, an operation with only 50 guests is not feasible," says Dominik Müller, one of the operators.

In the case of the Bars, it looks different, they are allowed to remain open. "For us, this means that we first open," says Jonas Black, a the head of the Bar 63 . To cost-saving measures they would not come around. An idea is preferable, for example, the renovation break, which was scheduled for the summer, and close for that period.

the cinema

In the cinema Riffraff and Houdini only 100 persons in a cinema hall may immediately. In Houdini, the rooms are all small, in the Riffraff two halls can hold more than 100 people. In addition, the number of seats in the gastro will be operated on 50 reduced. The Kitag chain is waiting to see how the individual cantons have the measure specifically hand.

Of the regulations of the Federal government is not affected by the much visited shopping center Sihlcity as a Whole. It has continued to open. Some Restaurants are reducing their Seating, and the cinema must respond to the new regime. Furthermore, stands for the coming weeks in the space that many of the stores open in the morning, an hour later, and in the evening an hour before closing. The Coop will not be affected expected to be.


The Zoo has closed as of Saturday. A date for the re-opening of it is not yet known. The 17 Zurich community centres stop operating as of Monday completely. When they open again, is still unclear. By now, the Zürichsee-schifffahrtsgesellschaft has its tourist operation up to 26. April set. For Sunday, may 5. April, is scheduled to Start in the summer season is postponed until further notice.

This Overview is a snapshot (as of: Saturday 10 am).

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