A heart-warming sign of life

From the silence of the Italian cities, a choir, a concert is a heart-warming sign of life. Every couple of hours, somewhere in the country, kick people out of

A heart-warming sign of life

From the silence of the Italian cities, a choir, a concert is a heart-warming sign of life. Every couple of hours, somewhere in the country, kick people out of the Isolation that has prescribed the government, due to the spread of the Coronavirus – out on their balconies or at their Windows, and voices in songs, one and all, on streets and squares across. Sometimes accompanied by improvised drummers, the use of pans, time trumpet players of dubious quality, time of really good tenors and guitar players. Everyone with his Talent.

In Monteverde, a neighborhood of Rome, has on Friday evening by 18 clock to the network time, a young man with the mixer and the amplifier on the roof of his apartment block made made played DJ for a few minutes, and the national anthem, the hymn of Goffredo Mamelis: "Fratelli d'italia". And soon all were singing with the whole neighbourhood.

If it is, Italy is always a community, a community of fate. And creative. "La Repubblica" writes of the "collective exorcism". The Virus is of the devil, and you want to cast out the fear of it. Together, as you could wegsingen.

, What sounds like that? A woman looks in Milan from the window and listens to the singing of their neighbors. Photo: Reuters

The idea for the balcony concerts came from a Roman street band, called FanfaRoma, she posted them on Facebook. "We open the window," she wrote, "we show us to our balconies, and we all join in together, even if we are far away from each other". The appeal quickly went viral, there were soon dozens of initiatives, anywhere in the country. After a week everyone is happy in the quarantine about human relations, about a little exchange – even at a distance. In Naples they sang "Abbracciame", "Hug me", a song by the Neomelodikers Andrea Sannino, full of heart drama, full of Lard. In Crotone sounded "Nel blu dipinto di blu" by Domenico Modugno, the the world knows them as "Volare!", something like the Italian parade hymn to the joy of life.

For Saturday lunch at exactly 12 o'clock, this time national, issued the call to all to an Ovation, long applause, for all the Doctors and nurses that treated mainly in the hospitals in the North of the country under dramatic conditions of the Diseased. It will be more and more, Italy is one of more than 17'000 are Infected. And so people were everywhere in Italy, on their balconies and clapped.

at All: solidarity. The Newspapers reports of small and large aid gestures among citizens, the disheveled, the business model of the professional cynics. Of young people, for example, the offer at the bottom of the pin Board in the entrance of the houses, to make for all the inhabitants of the errands in the supermarket and lay the bags and then in front of the house doors – "social distancing", but with a heart.

The vast majority of Italians keep to the regulations, and not to do it, are stopped by the police. The discipline is also reflected in the most recent survey of the Corriere della Sera: 62 percent of respondents Italians say that they considered the measures of your government to properly and efficiently. 25 percent, you would still have to be drastic. Almost no one believes any longer that there is an Alternative to the freezing of public life, to Quasitotalbockade. With amazement you look at the neighbouring countries in the North, where we speak now, after the school closure of "Lockdown".

In this compact and self-motivating feeling to respond to the Emergency properly, burst this week, in the words of Christine Lagarde, the French Head of the European Central Bank. In Italy one speaks of a "Gaffe", a word borrowed from French: a blunder, a faux pas. But it was the also? As Lagarde said, the ECB would like to cushion the foreseeable economic crisis, she said, among other things, it was up to her Institute, the Spread, the interest rate differential between German and Italian sovereign bonds, offset or in a different way: If Italy had the problems because of its high debt load, was not her Problem. The Spread is not increased quickly to 260 points, so high he was already long, and the Milan stock exchange suffered the biggest slump in its history: a level of minus 16.9 percent.

Lagarde was keen of her predecessor to sell the Italian Mario Draghi. With his motto of "Whatever it takes" had not Draghi in the financial and economic crisis played a significant role that Italy also came in very complex times on loans.

Lagarde's top-of-the Italians perceived as insensitive, Yes, as unheard of, in time, completely out of place, and across the political spectrum. In the right-sovereigntist camp, the outrage, of course, was the greatest, there you will not miss any opportunity to RUB up against Europe and its institutions. "We asked for help and were slapped in the face", said, for example, opposition leader Matteo Salvini of the Lega. President Sergio Mattarella lamented aloud, and this is now really rare: Italy expect from the Europe of solidarity and not hurdles, he wrote in a note of protest.

It doesn't take much, and Italy feels alone in the big waves of migration left as it was during the years over the Central Mediterranean sea. At the time, but benefited.

In Brussels to mind quickly, this time already. Ursula von der Leyen corrected Lagarde's "Gaffe" with a commitment that soothed the tempers: "Italy, what it takes," said EU Commission President. And the sound, a bit of Draghi's "Whatever it takes".

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