What is the Zurich companies are doing now – and what parents need to know

The Coronavirus hits the Zurich-based economy hard. The office for economy and labour has received a number of requests for short-time work. The Numbers have

What is the Zurich companies are doing now – and what parents need to know

The Coronavirus hits the Zurich-based economy hard. The office for economy and labour has received a number of requests for short-time work. The Numbers have increased according to people's economic Director Carmen Walker Späh in the past few days, like an explosion.

Now add that to what, for example, the management of the garden center looked at Hauenstein in Rafzabends previously as a "worst case scenario": All the schools are. The big garden center standing in front of the main season, in these three months accounts for half of annual sales. Every employee is needed. What is now with those who have to take care of children at home? Could compensate for the Overtime? Managing Director Rainer Marxsen has to deal with each individually; it is a roll is the end of action planning.

the same image at the competition in Dürnten: We have tried to prepare, says managing Director, Erwin Meier, but each case is different. And you ask yourself questions – for example: you Can use the childcare, which is actually meant for the customers? Would that be allowed at all? Until Monday, much is clarified. Fortunately, not too many of the 200 employees are affected, especially in the industry of a more traditional family picture dominate.

number of paid free days

A step further, the Zurich-based large companies. UBS is according to its own information to all Bank employees, who could not make it because of the children, now equal a home office, time to organize. The three paid days that were diseased offspring is usual, would be increased to five, after consultation with the supervisor, at most, ten. Credit Suisse is a bit more patient here concerned parents that can not work in addition to childcare, get up in the middle of April paid vacation, to regulate "the family situation".

The recruiter, Adecco expects that the affected staff can quickly work from home more. The construction giant Implenia puts "everything on it", the operation on construction sites and in offices to maintain. Who had to stay because of children at home, because of its function but not from there can work, needed to compensate for Flexi-time or holiday related.

It will probably take a few days, until the new Situation has played (read more here, work, legal Situation). Because many families are not prepared for the setting of the classroom teaching until the end of spring break. Parents should therefore know the following:

What should parents on Monday morning with your children?
If possible, parents should keep their children home and not send to school. Schools are instructed to communicate to all parents.

get kids that have learning material in the school, this?

This is possible. The school-houses are not closed. It is only set in the classroom.

What should parents do who can't take care of their children due to their work at home?
Each school organized for this emergency care. At some schools, parents must sign the required already for the weekend.

How primary school children are trained specifically?
every primary school up to you and will require a few days of organization. Pupils from year 1. Class of up to 3. Secondary class provides the teaching from Monday the special licenses for digital teaching resources available. In the city of Zurich, the 5 will be.- and 6.-Graders work more with their Tablets.

What happens to the high-school students?
you will learn from the Assembly independently at home. Vocational students and vocational school students should work during the teaching days in the Teaching.

parents Need to train their children themselves?
no, you don't have to.

How do schools and teachers to communicate persons with the learners?
many schools have well-established communication channels, such as folding or Schabi. The city of Zurich has captured the E-Mail addresses of all the parents.

Can I send my child in the manger?
Theoretically, Yes. May nurseries, with special hygiene precautions and behaviour rules remain open.

What it is important to note for parents?
children should not stop even during the time at home in larger groups. You may, however, leave the house. Of a stay on the school house is not advised, so that there is no accumulation of children.


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