Laugh about Corona – episode 2

For more than a week, the Corona-Virus, and our everyday life. And even if all of the newly enacted measures are probably useful, will need most of us at some p

Laugh about Corona – episode 2

For more than a week, the Corona-Virus, and our everyday life. And even if all of the newly enacted measures are probably useful, will need most of us at some point just a break to gain some distance from the Virus – perhaps with a little Corona of Humor. Here is our new Best-of.

1. Correct information:

Donald Trump is still the most popular Subject for Corona-Comedy. But who's aims are only humorous the first US President, makes it look to easy. Because even for prudent politicians, the matter is not so simple, as the following Video from California shows. It is a speech documented, with the help of one of the most important precautions do not touch the face – should be informed.

Sara Cody, health Director of California's Santa Clara County, informed.

2. Trump-jokes:

of Course, has earned Donald Trump almost every joke that you make in terms of Corona about him. At the latest since the US President of the United States intends to have a month-to close the borders for EU-citizens. Late-Night Hosts, such as Trevor Noah from "the Daily Show" have been ruffled by this announcement with pleasure, because Trump said in his speech, also the trade with Europe was disrupted, had to correct the President of the U.S. later, via Twitter. As the Cover of the current "New Yorker" shows, Trumps Blame-Game is fairly easy to turn around, as long as it is in the Speeches and statements of the US President, so many of the errors are:

the Cover of The current "New Yorker", drawn by Brian Stauffer, photographed by Viktor Giacobbo.

3. Late Night vs. Corona:

Of Late-Night Hosts such as Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers, it means you will have to adjust your Shows from next week until the end of March. It's a shame, because just recently many of them are in the Corona of Humor to run up a high form. Continue to broadcast Trevor Noah remains "the Daily Show", which is currently the gold standard in terms of Corona-a sense of Humor. Already a few days ago Noah has presented the Trailer to a Horror movie in the Trump – "a man immune to Information" – the main role is played by:

the Trailer of "the Daily Show" to the current horror film that we all experience (source: YouTube).

4. And the Swiss?

the Swiss professional humorists hold back with jokes to the Corona Virus is still strong. After all, has turned most recently, Patti Basler with a Corona-Video to their Fans, to promote your next appearances, which may perhaps take place:

"Like an avalanche dance": Patti Basler about the Corona Virus, accompanied by Philippe Kuhn (source: YouTube).

Other Swiss comedian look – in the face of cancelled performances – a forced break, such as Hazel Brugger. The 26-Year-old has now announced on Twitter, that you touch during the Virus epidemic, temporary change of job to eye. Or better said: she offers to take care of school-age children of parents in the medical profession.

If the Swiss professional comedian to cancel their performances, or other activities, we must content ourselves with the hand-made Humor out of the network. The is not so bad, as the following, might be a little brutalist example shows:

Be sent through WhatsApp like: Hans and Rosi. Who hides behind the Pseudonym of Fellow, could not be determined.

5. The thing with the Home Office:

soon we will Have a sense of humour-a state of emergency, when a professional comedian to pursue other activities or in the recusal occur? We can reassure you: In the network and the TV archives have already accumulated considerable humorous emergency supplies, which are after the closing of the schools are as current as ever, as the following example from the long-settled SRF-Format "thinker" shows.

"it seems to Me something funny": When mommy and daddy Home office (source: SRF).

Some will remind you of the following Homo-office-scene, which was to be seen in 2017 on the BBC. At that time, the children of the American political analyst Robert Kelly burst right in the middle of a Live circuit. To the delight of millions of YouTube users. It is now divided sharply again, as many of us say goodbye for the next few weeks to the Home office:

Robert Kelly wants to explain the policy of South Korea, his children have something else in mind (source: YouTube).

6. Hamster purchases:

hamster purchases are still a major topic of the Corona-humour. Very well the following is a drawing of the cartoonist, Theo Moudakis, the first appeared in the "Toronto Star":

humorous not averse to we are recipes, too, compared to cooking, what could be done with all the gehamsterten toilet paper:

7. For Demanding:
"Corona Lisa": The Meme is shared in the network, especially on Instagram strong. Author unknown.

If you was shallow all Previous to, like maybe the virus literature. Germany radio culture has called on Twitter under the Hashtag for the collection of "hygiene conscious book titles in times of Corona". Twitter Users have made a parody of the fact numerous titles of literary classics. Here are our favorites:

1. "Effi Sneezes" , very loosely based on Theodor Fontane, the proposal of the Twitter Users dtrabert

2. "Robbers Rotzenplotz" , the proposal of Alexander Faschon.

3. "Naoko's Rattle" , a very Haruki Murakami, a further proposal of Alexander Faschon.

4. "Anna Coronina" , is perhaps as tragic as the original of Tolstoy, the proposal of the Twitter Users horstseehofer3.

5. "Love in the time of the Corona" , inspired by Gabriel García Márquez, the suggestion of Sabrina Železný.

6. "Harry Potter and the Hoarding of secrets" is another proposal of Sabrina Železný.

7. "Harry Potter and the germ-travel" , more news from the student of magic, this time from Zieterow.

8. "The unbearable lightness of the seed" , the proposal of the Twitter Users humor Institute.

9. "The man in the Quarantän" , in the words of Max Frisch – a proposal of the cartoonists Ruedi Widmer in the "weekly".

10. "Moby Sick" , a whaling does not take place in this book, probably from disease, a proposal by Twitter User Mattis reasons.

Bonus: Listen to the Nonna!

at The time, it looks like we have to live up to in April at the Corona-exception condition. Here again at the end of the most important tips to stay healthy – from a cool Italian grandmother.

Want to remember the plague of Milan: The Nonna of Casa Surace (source: YouTube).

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