What to do with all the wine?

The drink glows Golden yellow. Who smells on glass, discovered fruity and floral notes; Apple, apricot, elderberry, almonds maybe even. On the palate, Freshness

What to do with all the wine?

The drink glows Golden yellow. Who smells on glass, discovered fruity and floral notes; Apple, apricot, elderberry, almonds maybe even. On the palate, Freshness, Finesse and minerality shows. A drinking joyful, youthful wine is this typical of the Canton of Vaud Chasselas, whose Name is doing little to thing. He is not an alcohol bomb, also for around 15 Swiss francs is absolutely affordable. Why this stuff is not ripped the vintners are actually out of the hands?

It is, as is here claimed, on the Image. Only the label sticks to the bottle, symbolizes pure conservatism. On a white background, the Consumer usually has to deal with an ink drawing of the Vineyards, a village or a castle. This black-and-Golden Scriptures, the teachings of any modern graphic artist the Fear. Is rumored to be a wine profile that the ride now even more Senior citizens and retirees – including E-Bike, Gins or collect star local visit – that is to say behind the literal furnace Bank would draw. Imagine such a bottle in an urban Trendbar or a disco in the German part of Switzerland,?.?.?. Not? Just.

Such labels are exemplary for the wine marketing of the Canton of Vaud. With the main places, the white Chasselas, would have to provide is actually a drink that matches the spirit of the times like few: It is an "easy drinking wine", inexpensive and, not least, of Switzerland, in a double sense. The objective here is to bear in mind that the return to Regionaliät is one of the biggest culinary Trends at all.

men with silver cups

But what comes to us in the German part of Switzerland in the sense of, when we think of Vaud Chasselas? Fondue. The last year in Vevey committed Fête des Vignerons, where, clad in the Canton of Vaud as the old carnival large flags carried by the ring and a million-dollar deficit left behind. Perhaps the Confrérie du Guillon – a brotherhood of men toasting with silver cups. Maybe you are a friend of beautiful landscapes, and the wine terraces of the Lavaux appear before your mind's eye. These are part of the Unesco world heritage site like the pyramids of Giza or the great wall of China. Pretty old buildings, or? So, dear friends, from the Vaud country, sold one today, no more wine!

The Zeitgeist is over: on the occasion of the Confrérie du Guillon. Photo: PD

it would be to bring a lot of Rebsaft to woman and man: Currently, more than every fifth bottle of white wine that will be uncorked in Switzerland or screwed is yet to come, from the Canton of Vaud; almost 180’000 hectolitres per year. However, the sales increases; the Trend is already longer to the foreign White. This is also the reason that a winemaker gave away in Vaud last year, the remaining amount of the 2018ers in the cellars of the large retailers, in order to make room for the 2019er. Only one condition: that they would also buy the new Vintage. Doesn't that sound strange for a drop that would have to be the drink of the hour?

tip-Ex for the label

One of the biggest proponents of the Canton of Vaud Chasselas Jérôme Aké Béda, the author of the book "99 chasselas à boire avant de mourir is". He, too, sees in the dusty Image of a Problem. The Vaudois are, in comparison to the Genfern and Wallisern, very conservative. "If it was," he says, snippy, "than you would with tip-Ex every year, the Vintage-paint, so you might need the labels again."

He mentioned the typical 70-Centilitre bottle. The Format is practically used only in the Canton of Vaud, and is an anachronism that is being held. But, those who expect innovations of the winemakers, so Jérôme Aké Béda, push on granite, most recently Daniele Finzi Pasca, the artistic Director of the Fête des Vignerons in 2019: He did not want to cut off old braids, such as on some military elements without, came but.

Him Béda more clearly, so Aké, that one should not alienate the traditional clientele with harsh changes of the appearance: "But how about the bottle with two different Designs at once modern, even conservative?" Not the only pragmatic idea which he threw into the conversation. He also asks: Why not a Vaud sparkling wine create? Analogous to the Italian Prosecco – a success story, standing in the international wine business almost unprecedented. A catchy name for this, it needed a style that would be supported by all the winemakers. "I'd rather", the unofficial Ambassador of the Canton of Vaud white wine, "my 18-year-old son is drinking in the output of such a Vaud sparkling wine instead of Gin and Tonic."

What Rodrigo Banto of a single Vaudois sparkling wine would style? Fresh, fruity and easy would this be, he weaves the thread further. Banto is the Winemaker at the Cave de la Côte, the "Grand Prix du Vin Suisse" - appointed winery of the year 2019, and also: "Actually, Chasselas from the Vaud country would have what it takes to be fashionable." The wine was fruit, many winemakers emphasized, as well as a home product and a good companion for many occasions. He has already fermented sparkling wines with the variety, which was well received. It would, he finds, on the market place for such a product.

Yes, also underlines Banto, of the Vaud wine-have an image problem. He addressed the last of the wine stylistics: "the Canton of Vaud winemakers want to bring in, as a rule, dry and traditionally vinified wine in the bottle." However, recent blind tastings have shown that approximately three-quarters of the consumers of wine preferred, with residual sugar of about 10 grams – not necessarily what the Canton of Vaud wineries under a so-called Terroir wine understand.

Can touch the strain to the wood?

And barrels? For Chasselas from the wood-Banto is less, but the variety was too little structure: "It is the barrel Aroma outweighs fast times." It was, however, the still is wide practiced biological acid degradation (to reconsider BSA). For creamy wines, however, is also responsible for "whistle" to be lost. Who hold, without exception, on the BSA, past objectives to the consumer.

Chasselas could quite Mature in wooden barrels, represents Christoph Kokemoor, which is in the Basel 3-star Cheval Blanc Restaurant operates. The Sommelier refers to the section of the Baden Germany make vintner Hanspeter Ziereisen, has created a wine of this variety with an international reputation: Instead of yeast, and in the steel tank he builds his Gutedel – the variety of means in Northern climes, with low yields, spontaneous fermentation, as well as in old and new barrels. What, after two years of maturation, unfiltered comes on the bottle, "Jasper 10 to the power of 4", was described by wine guru Robert Parker as the "potentially the largest Gutedel on the wine planet."

It's not had to jump up each of the winemakers on this train. With the high-quality Grand Cru growths from Saint-Saphorin or Dézaley, which have been based on the French model, was basically on the right track, so Kokemoor. You could say that these plants cost, then about 20 francs. And you have not even sold so many 10’000 bottles, with a simple, but delicious Chasselas yet.

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