With the Virus at home

Who out of caution or because the employer has been arranged, the next few days or weeks in the Home Office spends a lot of time for self-observation. Many peop

With the Virus at home

Who out of caution or because the employer has been arranged, the next few days or weeks in the Home Office spends a lot of time for self-observation. Many people listen to then probably noisy inside, and this is – in corona-heavy times – not good for the health. Take this lovely not to cough too long? This feeling of exhaustion is still spring fatigue, or are already signs of a protracted infection? And the head is already pretty hot.

Almost all the complaints have the unpleasant property to strengthen, if you only focus enough on it. The perception is dispelled, and the symptom-oriented tunnel vision makes a slight cold quickly a very serious disease. Therefore, you should try not to in the Belief inside increase to be ill, but as far as possible left to register: What is the same as always – and what is unusual? A cool head helps against some elevated temperature. In addition, you should ask yourself in connection to other activities or the distraction of conversations, whether it was affected during the at all by any discomfort.

cold came in Infected rarely before

However, there are also more serious notes, that do not disappear. "There is a suspicion on a disease to Covid-19 could be justified, if the triad of dry cough, fever and shortness of breath is present," writes the British Medical Journal, a first-class address for everyday medical issues. The Overlap with the real flu is given, in this and pain in the limbs and great fatigue, however, still dominant.

security is only a Test, but an evaluation of Covid-19-of the disease in the journal JAMA 72 percent of the patients complained of fever, 83 percent with cough and 61 percent about A sore throat. The least-patients had to sneeze or had a chronic runny nose. If the nose is running, which speaks rather for a common cold.

shortness of breath does not mean, by the way, to get out of breath after running or heavy purchases dragged. Rather, it is a previously unknown feeling of shortness of breath without external load. This occurs, it is a Signal to contact the doctor or the clinic, for severe cases of Covid-19 usually associated with strong difficulty in breathing, which must be treated, in rare cases, intensive care and ventilated. Elderly, debilitated patients and the chronically Ill should previously respond to symptoms.

Until Recently, it was said in professional circles, a suspicion was well founded, if any of the above symptoms and contact with someone who stock that was in the area at risk or even infected. In periods in which transmission paths can hardly be traced, offices and clinics Overload and test capabilities are limited, must not be fulfilled this criterion.

Currently, it is also about unnecessary surgeries and clinics to visit. On the one hand, this has the reason that the probability of contagion is greater than in the own four walls. In addition, all options exhausted, as a certain amount of relief, in practice, could be achieved. Finally, it is important that medical staff remains healthy as long as possible, and resources in health care are for those you actually need.

What is Infected

Who was tested positive for Sars-CoV 2 and the next few days in home quarantine must spend, you should note a few behavior rules should be observed in order to be as quickly as possible healthy. Even if the is in General are good, it is recommended sufficient sleep. Already after one day of lack of sleep, the immune system is impaired, so that a variety of pathogens have easier game. So it is totally unnecessary to beat yourself out of boredom at home, the nights around the ears and running the risk of further infection while the body is just the Corona gets rid of viruses.

a Balanced diet and a rather above average amount to drink is also advisable. In the case of infections of the body almost always need more liquid than in the healthy state. Fresh air and movement would also help to heal faster. But in the case of an out-of-home ban in quarantine, is hard to apply. A few steps on the balcony or in the garden, if available, would be useful, to enjoy alone to light and air.

exercise is good, but should not be exaggerated. Who now works, for example, the fitness equipment in the basement, although infection is confirmed, accelerates the recovery by no means. On The Contrary. Various infections, such as Influenza viruses, is known to increase the risk for cardiovascular suffering.

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