How to Twitter great football is played

Officially it is not yet curfew in Spain. But since the days of the Hashtag #QuédateEnCasa has been circulating in the Social media. Stay at home. The Spaniard

How to Twitter great football is played

Officially it is not yet curfew in Spain. But since the days of the Hashtag #QuédateEnCasa has been circulating in the Social media. Stay at home. The Spaniard set the mind on healthy people to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. A creative way to promote the Hashtag CD has found Leganés. The LaLiga relegation candidate was so excited, but the game against Valladolid, which will be kicked off on Saturday at 13 o'clock, so he carries it on Twitter. With quite a lot of Humor.

According to a Video of how the Fans look forward to this home game, the Social Media Manager for the installation: "With these eleven brave Pepineros we stay at home, to help the society and the health system." Followed by asking for fair play to the Fans: "don't throw your gehamstertes toilet paper on the seat!"

The VAR is not accessible – "as always"

Based on the Hygiene recommendations in a fight elbow against elbow, to Leganés after 16 minutes for the first chance of the game: "Roque Mesa penetrates in the kitchen (Spanish football metaphor for the penalty area, d. ed.) a, this push, however, remains without consequences." Of course, every Post is tagged with #QuédateEnCasa. That's really exciting, it will then be in the 23. Minute: "Now the VAR would have to come to the train, that was a clear Hands of Valladolid in the penalty area. Namely... to! The VAR is not accessible!" In addition to #QuédateEnCasa also a small greeting to the Spanish League is with this: #ComoSiempre – as always.

Then, after a half hour, Leganés, of course, deserves to be in the lead: "Great finish by Oscar Arnaiz! The opposing defender is on Social Distancing, and Arnaiz uses for a shot into the top corner." In a Moment of Radio commentary is a must. Of course, also taken up by the Social Media Manager of Leganés.

A special praise there are in the 40. Minute for the Greek defensive specialists Dimitris Siovas: "He goes to the bathroom and wash hands. Well played!" Then there is a Pause and the players retreat to their rooms: "Now coach Javier distributed Aguirre the Netflix passwords." Of course, this break lasts for 15 minutes, before Big is announced: "Please, dear viewers, stay where you are and moves you out of your chairs, Sofas or beds!" Right, finally all is good with the 1:0 for Leganés still open.

Offside because the striker sleeps

starts the second half with a damper for the host: "the goal for Valladolid! Enes Ünal shoots out of his home (Spanish metaphor for the wide shot, ed.) and achieved the balance." Four minutes later, is well known to the guests, even a hit, but "Offside because the striker has slept his Siesta." After a cinematic attack of Leganés and a red card for Valladolid in the 75. Minute, then, finally, the salvation for the home team: "take an early lead, Rafinha has scored a goal from Carrillo. A Playstation move over to the right of the Lega, a long Ball from Bustinza with the circle button, and Guido destroyed almost the Square button in order to send the Ball into the net."

With the lead, coach Aguirre pushes the latch, defended his house with a five chain. The 2:1 is no longer on the Team, why in the injury time of the big Party begins: "The Fans hopping on their balconies and enjoy the victory!"

What may not be missing after the final whistle, of course, is the obligatory press conference with the Coach, announcing: "We go to sleep now." As a fair loser Valladolid turns out. On Twitter, the Northern Spaniard, writing: "Congratulations to the virtual victory, gentlemen. You see him coming. The third half, best we ride, of course from the Sofa." Like you thank Leganés and wished a good journey home "from the chair on the Sofa".

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