Opinions on Barcelona - Bayern: "Sent another sign"

FC Bayern also won the fifth group game and thanks to the 3-0 victory at FC Barcelona secured the group victory.

Opinions on Barcelona - Bayern: "Sent another sign"

FC Bayern also won the fifth group game and thanks to the 3-0 victory at FC Barcelona secured the group victory. Julian Nagelsmann then spoke of a "sign of how aggressive and bilious we are".

After an interim low in September, FC Bayern is finally back on track. The victory at FC Barcelona was the seventh of the last eight games - it is particularly noticeable that the Munich team is keeping the zero behind more and more often. "Today the team sent another sign of how aggressive and bilious we are. If that's what differentiates us from Barcelona, ​​that's very important to us," said Julian Nagelsmann (via Sky) about the sovereign result.

"The results are right," he continued, adding: "Even in the phases where they weren't right, we played similarly. We've actually had a very similar system since the beginning of the season." With the addition of Eric Maxi Choupo-Moting, the man of the hour at FCB, things are now "a bit different".

That Choupo-Moting also featured as a goalscorer against Barça - his fifth goal in four games. He is in top form. "We're doing well at the moment. I'm always trying to be a target player and to fix the balls well, to finish and initiate attacks," explained the attacker. "We have so many good players, you can not only play over me, but also over the outside. We want to continue there."

Choupo-Moting emphasized that you had a "very difficult group" in which you "have to approach every game with 100 percent concentration". "And even though we were already qualified, we did it again today," he said in praise of his team. "That's the way it has to be, that's what the coach gave us."

No question: With this attitude, the Munich team can still go a long way. Especially if you show yourself to be as efficient as in the past few weeks.

"We go into every Champions League season with the aim of winning this thing in the end," Choupo-Moting made clear. "We have the quality in the team, then those are always the ambitions of FC Bayern Munich."

Robert Lewandowski actually had this ambition when he decided to move to FC Barcelona in the summer. But instead of fighting for the handle pot, he will only be represented with his new club in the Europa League after the World Cup break. "It's always nice to see Lewy again, regardless of the sport," said Thomoas Müller (via Sport1) after the final whistle. The national player emphasized that he "of course" sympathizes with his former team-mate, "when you know what an ambitious athlete he is".

Hasan Salihamidzic revealed that Lewandowski even stopped by the Bayern dressing room after the game and paid a visit to his former team. "We exchanged ideas briefly, but didn't go deep into the matter. He's a good guy who we wish all the best," said Brazzo fairly.

The fact that Lewy was not allowed to celebrate a goal against Munich in both games will certainly annoy the Poles. On Wednesday night he was largely kept in check by the towering Man of the Match winner Matthijs de Ligt. "It was very difficult. For me, Lewandowski is one of the best strikers in the world. You always have to stay focused and always be ready," explained the Dutchman. "He's a very intelligent player. I think we did very well as a team today."

Similar to his coach, de Ligt also emphasized the aggressiveness that made the difference against Barça: "Against Barca you have to play very aggressively and intensively. They have very good players and if they play the ball with everyone, it will be great difficult. But we did well with our aggressiveness."

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