Gift Tips: Baptism Gifts for Boys: Welcome little church members with these ideas

Each couple can decide for themselves how big the ceremony is to be celebrated.

Gift Tips: Baptism Gifts for Boys: Welcome little church members with these ideas

Each couple can decide for themselves how big the ceremony is to be celebrated. In many families, however, it is customary to invite close friends and relatives, and of course the godparents. Originally, it was her job to take care of the child in an emergency if something happened to the parents. In the meantime, that would no longer be possible (from a purely legal point of view), but this tradition has survived to this day - even if the meaning is different. What is still part of a baptism are gifts for the baby. If you are still looking for a suitable baptism gift for boys, you might find what you are looking for below. We present twelve creative ideas that should not only serve as a source of inspiration for the godparents, but also for friends and relatives.

One tip first: If you are looking for a suitable baptism gift for girls, you will find it here.

Gifts of money are a classic at baptism. But instead of just putting the selected amount in an envelope, you can give the child a wooden savings book - on which you can not only immortalize the name of the person to be baptized, but also the date of the baptism. The christening gift can then be used as a piggy bank.

Here is the savings book.

This 18-piece toy set from Playmobil is also suitable as a gift for a baptism: Noah's Ark, including two figures and elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions and seagulls - each in a pack of two, of course. Although the set is only suitable for children from the age of one and a half, it is still a nice idea that can also be used later.

Here is the set.

Another popular gift idea for baptism is a children's cutlery set, for example from WMF: It includes a children's fork, a children's knife, a children's spoon and a small spoon with different animal motifs made of dishwasher-safe Cromargan (stainless steel). You can also have the name of the person to be baptized engraved on the cutlery free of charge.

Here's the cutlery.

Most children are so young when they are baptized that they record almost nothing of the ceremony. Therefore, the souvenir album is a nice way to capture the most important moments, such as the baptismal motto, the namesake or the reasons why the parents decided on the child's name.

Here is the album.

When a child enters the church community, the Bible is a part of their religion. A children's Bible is the perfect gift to familiarize the person being baptized with the content: It tells 25 stories (from the creation to the resurrection of Jesus) from the Old and New Testaments in simple words and colorful pictures.

Here is the children's bible.

This cuddly guardian angel doll by Haba called Frido is a symbol of good luck: it has small wings and cute dungarees (washable at 30 degrees). As a messenger of good luck, helper and cuddly friend, it should accompany the child for a lifetime - or at least throughout their childhood. It is 23.8 x 10.8 x 10.8 centimeters in size.

Here is the guardian angel.

A small tooth box for milk teeth is also a nice christening present for boys: there is a separate compartment for each tooth, so children can see exactly which milk teeth have already fallen out and which are still missing. However, it is important that the teeth are boiled once (to sterilize them) before they go into the collection.

Here is the can.

In church we always pray together. In order to encourage the younger members to join in (as soon as they can speak at all), you can give the baptized person a prayer book. The small cardboard picture book contains ten easy children's prayers, paired with beautiful illustrations. And even if a child is not yet able to join in the conversation, the book is also suitable for just reading aloud.

Here is the book.

There is no real connection to the church, but the grip toy set in the form of three different tools is suitable as a christening gift for boys - including a crackling foil in the saw, a squeak in the handle of the wrench and a small rattle in the head of the hammer. They should encourage the child to grasp and explore.

Here is the set.

This chic outfit for boys is a real eye-catcher on festive occasions: the gentleman's set includes a romper suit, a waistcoat, a bow tie and a hat - and is made of cotton (washable at 30 degrees). You can choose between different sizes, starting at three to six months. It is best to take one size larger so that the outfit fits longer.

Here is the set.

To protect the feet of the little one to be baptized and to support the first attempts at walking, crawling shoes are a popular gift. The first walker shoes made of genuine leather are available with different motifs and in different sizes. For example, a whale is ideal for baptism - based on the Bible story "Jonah and the Whale".

Here are the shoes

This sturdy angel made of alder wood is an everlasting christening gift for boys - without an expiration date. Here, too, you have the free option of having the date of the baptism and the name of the person to be baptized immortalized on the figure. As a small addition, the angel has small slots into which you can (but do not necessarily have to) slide banknotes.

Here is the angel.

If you need more inspiration, you will find more gift ideas for children and parents-to-be in the following articles - for different occasions such as birth or starting school.

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