TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Hendrik slips more and more into the pill trap.

TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Hendrik slips more and more into the pill trap. His behavior puts him and Britta in a bad mood. Until she presents Hendrik with a fait accompli: she wants distance! Anette feels flattered by Malte's jealousy of her best friend Sandra. For her it is proof of his love. Before Anette makes her way to Goslar for her divorce, she lovingly lets Malte understand: Sandra is her family - he is her love.

Overwhelmed by the kiss, Vanessa claims that it only came from Carolin. Irritated, however, Carolin suspects that Vanessa is just afraid to admit her feelings. She doesn't believe Vanessa when she emphasizes how happy she is with Max. And in fact, Vanessa has to keep thinking about the kiss. When Shirin found out that a Bollywood actress she admired was coming to the "Fürstenhof", she sensed a great opportunity. Shirin wants to try to win the actress as a customer for her beauty salon, but she needs a day off as a chambermaid.

So that Sina doesn't mourn for him later, Bambi wants her to fall out of love with him. So he takes lessons in being an asshole. Cecilia does not want to be bought by Benedikt and rejects his deal. Later, Ringo and Corinna make her question her decision. Paco is happy to have a friend in Stella who doesn't know about his recent disastrous decisions. Unfortunately, Stella meets David.

Simone supports Jenny's project to the best of her ability and is optimistic about the future. Jenny's mother has no idea that unexpected new misfortune is threatening her. Daniela devises a daring plan to help her son-in-law Ben. When Henning doesn't support her plan, Daniela sets out on her own. Finn misses an important appointment at the hospital for Jenny and thus draws her anger through no fault of her own.

After Laura has drawn the boss card from John, scraps fly between the two again - until the energy turns into passion. But that doesn't solve the problem. Jessica comes under pressure when Tuner presents her with the perfect spaces for her rumored café dream. Jessica has to feign interest out of necessity and tries to tie the subject off.