Stephen "tWitch" Boss: Stars mourn "Ellen" sidekick

The sudden death of Stephen "tWitch" Boss (1982-2022) came as a shock to the celebrity world.

Stephen "tWitch" Boss: Stars mourn "Ellen" sidekick

The sudden death of Stephen "tWitch" Boss (1982-2022) came as a shock to the celebrity world. Michelle Obama (58) posted on Instagram about her grief for the dancer and sidekick from Ellen DeGeneres (64). The former first lady said her heart was broken.

Obama and Boss met during one of their many visits to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," where he played, among other things, as a DJ. He was also part of her "Let's Move" initiative, which has been campaigning against childhood obesity since 2010. In her post, Obama now recalls the TV personality: "Stephen was an incredible force - someone who exuded kindness and positivity and made sure that those around him could feel it too. We felt his spirit in every dance, every DJ set, every creative piece he brought to life." Her heart goes out to his wife and their three children, Obama said.

His colleague and friend Ellen DeGeneres (64) also mourns Instagram for a photo in which she hugs her producer: "My heart is broken. tWitch was pure love and light. He was my family and I loved him with all my heart . I will miss him," wrote the presenter.

Singer Ciara (37) shared a video of the dancer and herself and wrote: "I am devastated to hear the news that you are no longer with us. I always have you as joy, laughter, good times and with a big one Smirk noticed. Heaven won an angel today. Rest in paradise. My prayers for your family at this difficult time."

Actor Billy Porter (53) writes in memory of tWitch on Instagram, among other things: "Please check on your friends, including the "strong" and "lucky ones". We never know what people are going through." Colleague Viola Davis (57) also wrote on the platform that she lacked the words and prayed for the family of the deceased.

Roots musician Questlove (51) also wishes the family "stability in these dark times". He continues: "Every day is a winding road away and we never know who's on the brink. Many of us can't process emotions and don't know how to deal with them... Time literally heals wounds."

Jennifer Hudson (41) was shocked. "We need to pray! My God! You never know what someone's going through. This breaks my heart." Captioning a picture shared by tWitch and herself, Channing Tatum, 42, wrote: "I have no words. There aren't any. My head and heart can't understand this. It's just so much... I don't know where to begin ."

Jada Pinkett Smith (51) shared a picture of tWitch, Donald Glover (39) and herself - all three starred in "Magic Mike". In the caption, she recalls the "good times on set" and writes, "He was so sweet, kind and generous." "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen (52) also remembered the deceased with a joint photo from the "Ellen" show: "His brightness, joy and friendliness filled every room he entered. It's terrible about it think he's hurt inside. Tell someone you love them today."

Stephen "tWitch" Boss took his own life in a hotel room on Tuesday, officials have now confirmed. He was 40 years old and leaves behind his wife and three children.

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