Rebel Wilson's Secret to Losing 80 Pounds and Maintaining Your Weight Over Time

With summer getting closer, the season of red carpets and events does not stop.

Rebel Wilson's Secret to Losing 80 Pounds and Maintaining Your Weight Over Time

With summer getting closer, the season of red carpets and events does not stop. Yesterday the premiere of 'Senior Year' took place in London, the new Netflix comedy with Rebel Wilson as the protagonist where the actress won all eyes not only for her role, but for her physical transformation.

Although it is not the first time that he poses before the photographers with his new silhouette, every time he does it since he lost more than 35 kilos, it becomes news. The reason is none other than the way in which he is managing to stay in shape without gaining an ounce since the end of his weight loss process, which from the first moment he hastened not to call 'diet', but rather a change of habits.

The Australian exceeded 100 kilos and in January 2020 she decided to start her transformation, and she did it with a photo on Instagram, where she explained some of the reasons that had led her to it. “She used food to circumvent my emotions. I look at that girl now and I am so proud of her for what she has become and what she has accomplished. And I just wanted to encourage everyone out there who is struggling with her weight or her body issues or her emotional eating. I understand them. I know how that is. But it's never too late to start improving yourself and try to be the most version of you possible," she wrote.

At that time, she also explained in various interviews that she also decided to take charge of her problem because she wanted to be a mother, and freezing her eggs was much easier if she lost weight. "That's how it all started, (the doctor told me) that if I lost some of the extra weight, I would have a better chance of freezing my eggs and I would have better quality eggs. At first, it wasn't even about me, I was thinking about future mini-me and their quality. That was what started it all." She was also encouraged by the idea that with small changes, her lifestyle would change. "The doctor told me, 'Rebel, the best way to lose unwanted body fat is just to walk' [...] It doesn't have to be high intensity, it doesn't have to be uphill, just moderate walking one hour a day . And if you can do it, for you, for your body type it's like, the best way to lose unwanted body fat," she stated for "Apple Fitness."

Its menu was based on the intake of proteins and vegetables cooked in the most natural way possible, without ultra-processed foods or sugars. He also turned to a physical trainer, Jono Castano, who designed a personalized plan for him that he updated every week. In an interview for 'Hello!' He detailed some of the keys to making it a success, where he highlighted the search for varied routines so that the body does not get used to a certain type of exercise and that Wilson has a good time.

According to what he said, they were divided into three days of HIIT (high intensity training), another of HIIT with weights, one more of HIIT and mobility and finally, a day of weights and resistance. In total six days a week in which the work with kettlebells, dumbbells and elastic bands became crucial.

At present, although the volume of his training sessions has decreased, the intensity remains similar, and as he has commented on his social networks, the secrets to avoid falling into temptation are simple: empty his pantry of sweets and ultra-processed foods; and when she gives him a craving for a 'sin' he tries to distract himself by going for a walk or listening to a podcast, although he doesn't deny that from time to time he indulges in a whim. In balance lies the key.

As expected, her clothing also evolved and began to incorporate tighter designs that also framed her waist. In the current wardrobe, flared dresses predominate, jackets with large shoulder pads that balance the silhouette, high waist pants with wide legs and some trends focused on styling such as drapes and corsets.

It should also be noted that her attitude, positive and self-confident, has also been key for her new image to have been so successful.