Jessica Haller: That must not be missing for her at Christmas

Jessica Haller (32) recently released her own Christmas song "Love Will Bring You Home", for which there is now a video.

Jessica Haller: That must not be missing for her at Christmas

Jessica Haller (32) recently released her own Christmas song "Love Will Bring You Home", for which there is now a video. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the ex-"Bachelorette" and influencer explains why Christmas has a special meaning for her, how she celebrates the festival this year and whether her daughter Hailey-Su, who was born in May 2021, already knows something about the Christmas season noticed.

She also reveals how she will celebrate her first wedding anniversary with husband Johannes Haller (34) in mid-December, what she wants for the New Year and whether she wants to live forever on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

Jessica Haller: We celebrate Christmas with the whole family. Our family is spread all over Germany, so we decided to pack everyone up to celebrate Christmas together in the mountains.

Haller: It's definitely much warmer. We love music and dancing, which is the most different thing to Christmas in Germany. For us, however, snow and cold are part of a nice party and we look forward to a Christmas party in the snow.


Haller: Polish pierogi. This year we're celebrating in Austria and just let ourselves be surprised.

Haller: Of course. We'll all go to church together. Even if Hailey doesn't really understand what it's all about, she should still feel the peace and contemplation of Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa will surely shower our daughter again and afterwards we can think about how to get the presents to Ibiza.

Haller: To be honest, we had never discussed it before. 2020 was our first Christmas, here Johannes proposed to me on Christmas Eve, gave me the engagement ring and last year we got married on Christmas. So it hasn't really been an issue yet, but I love gifts.

Haller: For us, home is not a place, but a feeling. We don't have a real home. We fully emigrated in 2021 and have been renting so far so the "local home" doesn't really exist yet, but we don't miss that at all because the WE is home. That's what the song is about.

Haller: I've always sung for myself. In my last apartment I was lucky that there was a music teacher living in the house with whom I sang regularly. When I took part in "Pretty in Plush" in 2020, we sang every day and I was just so happy about it. It could also have been because of the hormones, because I was pregnant and I hadn't told anyone about it yet.

Haller: That was the best Christmas of my life, it was only overtaken by last year, when the three of us celebrated the first Christmas.

Haller: We gave ourselves a special present for our first wedding anniversary. We will be getting married every year from now on. This year we will get married in Dubai in the desert as a contrast to last year and then we will go back to the Zillertal together with the family, to the place where we got married.

Haller: So far we have no plans. We will probably have a very cozy evening with friends and family. Pouring lead and eating delicious.

Haller: 2022 was a super intense year. We have worked harder than ever before in our lives. My song is also about the fact that we worked so much, had a lot of stress, but as long as we have each other everything is fine. For 2023 we wish for more time as a family.

Haller: At the moment we want to enjoy everything. I'm dreaming of recording an album, let's see what happens next.

Haller: There are many things I love about Germany and miss in my everyday life on Ibiza. At the moment we are totally happy. I can't rule out whether we'll come back to Germany one day, but that's not planned at the moment.

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