Ditch the diaper!: Toilet Seats for Kids: These tools will help you get dry

Potty training, weaning from diapers, toilet training.

Ditch the diaper!: Toilet Seats for Kids: These tools will help you get dry

Potty training, weaning from diapers, toilet training. There are a whole series of more or less apt descriptions of what every child succeeds in – sometimes earlier, sometimes later: becoming dry. It is one of the most discussed topics among parents. And hardly anything is discussed more controversially and heatedly. Some insist that the impulse to go to the toilet must come from the children themselves. The others leave the diaper off early and regularly put the offspring on the potty and later on the ceramic bowl. Not to mention those who stop their children from infancy. Now one could argue excellently about which tactic is the more promising. Another thing is undisputed: normal toilet seats are far too big for a child's bottom. Anyone who has ever had to free their child from an awkward situation knows what is meant here. The solution is a toilet seat for children. In the following article you will find out which tools support children in their small (and large) businesses.

The so-called toilet training seats or toilet attachments are basically nothing more than a bottomless potty. The hard plastic seat pads fit any standard (oval) toilet bowl. Small anti-slip elements prevent the toilet seat from slipping. Children's glasses usually have a low backrest in the lumbar region so that the children can sit a little more comfortably. And for even more comfort, manufacturers even give some toilet trainers handles so that the toilet newbies don't lose their footing. Rather the exception are lightly padded and removable inserts, such as this model by Enteenly. The rule, on the other hand, is an integrated splash guard that prevents mum or dad from having to get the mop bucket out of the chamber after every junior visit to the toilet. In short: toilet attachments are practical, easy to install, usually easy to clean and hardly take up any space when they are not in use. For children who cannot yet heave themselves onto the seat by themselves, it is worth getting a small step stool.

Toilet trainers, which look like a small climbing frame, work according to a very similar principle. The idea: Instead of an additional stool, an integrated mini-ladder makes it easier to "climb". The whole thing can then be folded up after the deal. Nevertheless, you need a little more space for the children's toilet combination. When buying, make sure that the ladder is equipped with non-slip feet. Irrespective of this, it makes sense to keep the children (at least) company when they first try to sit. Although the height of the fall is manageable, the children should be supervised so that they can be on the spot in the event of accidents or minor mishaps. Bigger children can easily assemble and disassemble the toilet trainer themselves with a little help. If you already have a stool in the house, it is better to use a solo seat. Otherwise, the toilet trainer with ladder is a smart idea to make drying out appealing to children. A Fascol model is available here.

A space-saving and extremely simple option for drying is the so-called family toilet seat, like this model from Schütte. In contrast to the flexible and mobile children's toilet seat, these models are only recommended for children over the age of three. The 2-in-1 principle is as simple as it is practical: A toilet seat adapted to the anatomy of children is anchored in the normal toilet seat via the hinge and can be folded up and down if necessary like the lid. The junior glasses are held to the toilet lid by an invisible magnet. As a rule, the small glasses can be removed in no time at the push of a button. For children who feel safer when their legs aren't dangling in the air, a small step stool should also be available here.

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Traveling and vacationing in a camper or mobile home are very popular with families. Experience has shown that the cozy temperatures in summer are very good for weaning small children off diapers. But what to do with the dwarves' business if there are no public toilets nearby? This foldable travel potty fits in any stroller or backpack and diaper bag. So it's ready to hand in a jiffy when things have to be done really quickly. And this is more common in children in the transition phase between diapers and the toilet. This model is almost 20 centimeters high when unfolded and feels at least a bit like the toilet at home for the little ones. Large and small end up in a biodegradable bag. After business, the toilet to go can be folded up and stowed away again.

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