Celebrity Poll: Celebrity Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are still very important.

Celebrity Poll: Celebrity Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are still very important. Christmas tree, gifts, good food and time with the family are part of it for many. The celebrities are no exception, as they reveal spot on news. These are the stars' favorite Christmas traditions.

Presenter Jana Ina Zarrella (46): "Christmas is a family celebration and that's why it would never be an option for me to celebrate without my family. We all love to be together, there's nothing nicer."

Actor Kai Schumann (46): "Family and friends are together. I don't need Christmas for that, but it's a wonderful side effect of the holidays."

Presenter Frauke Ludowig (58): "Family, eat, drink, karaoke – I sing something from Modern Talking."

Entrepreneur Dana Schweiger (54): "We play a lot of board games and go for walks."

Actress Emilia Schüle (30): "The best tradition in my family is that we do a round of gratitude. We sit down and say what we are grateful for. That creates a kind of contemplation."

Former player wife Simone Ballack (46): "We celebrate at home with the whole family. We always watch 'Polar Express' before we give presents to the children."

Designer Claudia Effenberg (57): "I haven't cooked myself at Christmas for three years, everything is taken out of my hands. I let myself be served! My daughter has taken over the scepter and my husband is cooking the main course. We all always wear sweatpants and Ugly Christmas Sweater, my daughter always gets upset about that."

Model Alena Gerber (33): "I'm a Christian and I prefer to go to church on Christmas Eve. Otherwise, I love a full table that almost bends over with good home cooking and I like to stand in the kitchen for hours. But it's just as nice also being able to cook well and being able to devote the evening entirely to the family. I like having an open house for all friends who would otherwise be sitting alone under the tree."

Actress Natalia Avelon (42): "I love the traditional Polish dishes that are only available at Christmas and the smell of which brings back so many memories of my childhood for me! Also, we only decorate the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, which gives the day even more uniqueness . We start our dinner when the first star appears in the sky and we always have an extra seat set at the table in case someone wants to join us lonely or hungry."

Star tenor Andrea Bocelli (64): "On Christmas Eve we don't follow any particular traditions. December 25th is important to spend with the family and to remember together the deep spiritual meaning of this Christian festival. We decorate both the Tree as well as the crib: these are traditions that warm the heart and that cannot be missing in the Bocelli house.This year will be the first Christmas without my mother who went to heaven to her husband, father Sandro.We will remember them with much affection and gratitude. In the afternoon we reach our country estate and continue celebrating with our relatives."

Moderator Annemarie Carpendale (45): "We've been felling our tree ourselves for a few years. The little one should somehow understand that it doesn't grow in a stand at the Christmas market."

Actor Wayne Carpendale (45): "And the Carpendales like to write Christmas cards, even if the addressee is sitting right next to you. The Warnkrossies find that a bit strange."

Presenter Victoria Swarovski (29): "I love decorating the Christmas tree! The whole family puts on the same sweater and meets at ten o'clock with a glass of champagne on the tree. Then we decorate, listen to Christmas music and tell us what has happened throughout the year ."