A matter of practice: four-legged friends at home alone: ​​why a dog camera can be useful

Investing in a dog camera is particularly worthwhile if a puppy or young dog has moved in with you.

A matter of practice: four-legged friends at home alone: ​​why a dog camera can be useful

Investing in a dog camera is particularly worthwhile if a puppy or young dog has moved in with you. Being alone is not a matter of course for dogs and must first be taught with sensitivity. (Young) dogs quickly have fears of abandonment, which can manifest themselves in destructiveness and frustration. It is difficult to correct what went wrong at the beginning. Therefore, train your four-legged friend carefully and gradually practice being alone. This is how your faithful companion knows that you will come back and not leave him behind.

Once your dog has learned this, he trusts that you will always come home and can — it is different for each dog  even be left alone for several hours. However, this should not be the rule; if you plan to leave your dog alone often, you should not consider getting a dog. Dogs are pack animals and want to be there when the family leaves the house. However, if it has to be in exceptional cases, the dog camera can accompany this training process by allowing you, as the owner, to keep an eye on how your dog is doing alone at home.

Is your four-legged friend used to being left alone from time to time? A dog camera can also be worthwhile for older dogs. This gives you the opportunity to monitor your dog's health and state of mind and to react promptly if your four-legged friend is not feeling well.

Dog cameras can always display a live image of the dog, so owners can use an app on their smartphone to see what their four-legged friend is doing alone at home. In addition, some dog cameras offer extra functions, the need for which remains a matter of taste. It is important: Depending on the manufacturer, you should find out about the data protection regulations, because you are placing a camera with Internet access in your home.

In addition to a practical night vision option, this dog camera also has 2 audio paths, so you can communicate with your dog via sound. It is individual whether your dog finds this communication reassuring or irritating because you are not showing up in person. As always, you know your pet best and can judge if this feature is of value to your household.

In addition to the live image function, night vision and a way to communicate with your four-legged friend via sound, you can even use this dog camera to give out real treats. In addition, the dog camera has a bark notification that sends you push notifications to your mobile phone when your dog barks.

A good view of the dog and house is crucial, so you have everything in view. This dog camera therefore relies on a 360° view. The device also has a voice function, night vision and a barking alarm.

Of course, you don't have to use a dog camera to keep an eye on your four-legged friend. A baby monitor serves the same purpose. However, these devices usually have additional functions such as temperature measurement or lullabies that are not necessary for caring for your dog. But if your offspring still has a baby monitor with camera function in the closet, you can save the money for a dog camera and convert the device without further ado.

The dog camera should be able to capture the room in which your dog moves. In addition, the device must not pose any danger to the animal and must therefore not be accessible to the dog. This is especially true for the dog camera's power cable, which should be placed out of reach. Select an elevated position as the location so that the dog camera can image the entire room and is secure.

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